Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last One

This'll be the final moan about my mouth.

I went to see the surgeon/specialist this evening:

Him: So, how are you feeling?
Me: Today is the first day I can go longer than 4 hours without taking Advil.
Him: Good. Good.
Me: I was not prepared for this to drag on so long.
Him: blinks.
Me: This was somewhat a bigger deal that a root canal eh?
Him: blinks,
Me: Because, wow. My jaw has been sore.

His assistant: Well, there WAS major trauma to your bone, you know.
Him: This wasn't just a pulled tooth. You lost alot of bone last week.
Me: Oh.
Him: Open up. Let's have a look.

Him: Your socket is healing fine. Probably another week before it closes up. And it'll be at least 8 weeks before we'll know how your bones are healing.
Me: 8 weeks?
Him: I'll do x- rays then to see if the bones have grown together. There was a lot of loss. So I'm not sure. We may have to do some surgery to build them up again.

Well doesn't that just explain everything?

No WONDER my face has been throbbing like the dickens.

I'm feeling less like a baby and more like a super hero right now.

A super hero with a tender, throbbing jaw and an gaping socket.

Actually? I feel like an old mom with a sore mouth who is going to Disneyland in a few hours.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Today's wind and rain storm make California seem extra appealing right now.
2. No infection. No dry socket.
3, Tonight's RMT appointment. Apparently I'll be able to move my shoulder tomorrow.
4. I've got time for a quick nap before I leave for the airport.
5. By noon on Friday, there's a good chance I'll be on the Indiana Jones ride.
6. I got just about everything done at work today. Just about.
7. Aisle seats.
8. I've prayed about this vacation since last fall when I first planned to attend the wedding. Everything that happens, or doesn't happen, will be because it was part of His plan for me, or the people I'll be with.


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