Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I am one more tooth extraction away from becoming a hermit.


I leave work and race home, excited to get into bed FOR THE WHOLE EVENING.
Everything I need is right beside me.

I just take some Advil, wait for the throbbing to subside and then, blissfully, zone out.
Chat with friends using my fingertips and a keyboard.


A person could get used to this.
"A person" being, well, me.

Her: How's your tooth?
Me: It's GONE. And the hole it left behind aches with sorrow.
Her: LOL
Her: ... I'm not laughing.
Me, to myself: She totally is lying. And laughing.
Me: I wish I could lean my good jaw bone against a strong chest. And feel someone else's heart beating in a rhythm that doesn't match the pounding in my empty tooth socket.
Her: WOW
Me: Feeling sorry for myself much, you mean?
Her: No. That was very poetic.
Me: Jaw bones and empty tooth sockets?
Her: The part about beating hearts. That was really nice.

My lazy week is going to end abruptly on Friday.
I'm leaving for the airport at 3 am. Maybe 2 am.
We should arrive in Anaheim at noon. And be on the Matterhorn Mountain ride by 2 pm.
We will be the last guests to leave Disneyland at midnight, and apparently the first ones at the gate on Saturday morning. (THIS will be a new experience for me. I've never been to Disneyland before noon.)
At 6 pm we're leaving The Happiest Place on Earth and heading east to attend a party in Palm Dessert at 8 pm. 
And on Sunday there is a hike planned for 9 am. 

All of these are very good things, yet I am counting the minutes til Monday when I CAN SLEEP IN.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Ability to read.
2. My sister.
3. Pillows.


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