Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Who Am I?

I don't even know.

I've been home for two nights in a row. And in bed by 10 pm. (Looking forward to going to bed, actually, because I can take some pain meds and drift away.)

So weird.
So not like me.

And tonight?
I packed for my trip.
I know.

I'm ready.
Laundry is done, things are charged, suitcase is full.

And I'm not leaving til Friday morning.

The trauma (drama?) of having periodontal surgery really did a number on me.
I'm not myself anymore.
When they took out that tooth, they took away my personality. MY SOUL WAS IN THAT TOOTH.

I finally read the brochure they gave me after my procedure was completed.
Haha. I thought 'getting my tooth pulled' would be like getting a root canal. No. Big. Deal.

Turns out, it is a bit of a big deal.

Can't believe the discomfort I still feel though.
(Yes, I'm going back to see him on Thursday.)
No its not infected... I don't have a fever.
(But my heart has relocated from my chest to my lower left jaw bone. If you want to know what my heart rate is, just touch that spot. Pulse is strong and steady Right There.)


Max is heading to the airport right now.
(We're going to meet up in Disneyland on the weekend.)

His flight leaves at 6 am tomorrow morning.

He will be SIX hours early.

I mention this because three years ago, ON THIS VERY SAME WEEKEND, I took the kids to Disneyland. And we had ditch our truck on 176th St and run across the boarder and catch a cab to get us to the airport so that we could be the very last people to check in MINUTES before our plane left.
In case you don't remember, I wrote about it here.

Max will not be late for his flight tomorrow.

We are doing Disneyland again.
Except Drew (and Danica) are not joining us.
And those of us that are going, are all taking separate flights.

Brand new memories to be made.


After our weekend at The Happiest Place on Earth, we're heading over to Palm Springs for a wedding.

This girl is getting married:

(Haha, that's her, on the right, at her stagette.)

This is her (and him) in real life:

(Again, she's the one on the right.)

I am looking forward to celebrating with them all.
(Clint is the photographer, so that will be fun too. I love watching him work.)

And I can hardly wait to see the sunshine again.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Advil.
2. November holidays.
3. Clint. (Although, technically, he's not a 'thing'.) He's driving Max to the airport.

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