Monday, December 15, 2014

7 Lists That Will Change Your Life. #5 Will Shock You.

Just kidding.

No lists.

Nothing shocking here.

This is an experiment to see if a tantalizing title entices more people to click the link. I'll let you know my findings in the next day or so.


Maybe I do feel a list coming on....


A List.

How To Survive December:

1. Get plenty of rest.
2. Watch every single holiday movie ever made; especially ones produced by Hallmark or the W Network. Two or three per night is not excessive. PVRs were invented for exactly this purpose. They are relaxing and allow your brain to sleep while viewing.
4. Prioritize your time and budget your available energy. Be diligent about setting up boundaries. Say "no" more than "yes".
5. Plan ahead so that the bulk of your Christmas shopping and seasonal baking are completed before the first of the month.
7. In anticipation of the heavy meals and yummy desserts coming your way on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st and 1st, make sure you diet beforehand, losing 10 pounds before the Christmas meals are served. This is wise advice. Take heed.
8. And for fun? Exercise daily. You will not regret the hours spent doing sits ups and squats when everyone else is wearing their 'Turkey' pants after The Big Meal.
10. Be as inflexible as possible regarding the day you celebrate. Christmas is on the 25th.  Period. Make sure everyone knows, years in advance, so there are no misunderstandings. Easy.

On the other hand, this is How Jane is Surviving December.


1. Sleep 5 - 6 hours a night. More on weekends. I'll catch up on those missing hours in heaven or at the care home.

2. Spend time with people; one on one. Friends or family, either, or. Doesn't matter. There's always someone who needs to laugh. And someone who needs to cry. I'm up for either. Then come home and spend time by myself. To recharge.

3. Am outside every time the rain stops. Fresh air is a good thing.

4. Go to my happy places every chance I get. It helps that I have a long list of happy places.

5. Am spontaneous. It's surprising how extending last minute invitations are sometimes EXACTLY perfect. (Like today. At 2:45:
Me: You busy?
Her: No.
Me: I have an idea.
Her: I'm listening.
Me: Vancouver? Look at the big Christmas Tree display. Walk around downtown. Get a hot beverage when our hands get cold?
Her: Yes,
Me: I'll be there in 15 minutes. )

6. Avoid holiday movies like they are fattening.
Me: I can't watch them.
Her: They are so perfect. IDEAL entertainment.
Me, to myself: I don't think we can continue this friendship.
Me, out loud: They are so predictable. Single woman gets the guy. Broken relationships are restored.
Her: Do you want me to take notes for you?
Me: WHaaaa?
Her: Might learn something about getting the guy. You probably have to be prepared to sleep with him though.
Me: Whaaaa?
Her: Jus sayin like.

7. Ingest massive amounts of Vitamin D. And something else, called Happy. Or Joy. Or Smile. Or something. Trust the lady from the Health Food Store.

8. Change traditions and Christmas dinner plans so that everyone gets a piece of the kids and all 129,874 family members are happy. Feel like a fricken bawse once negotiations are successfully concluded. Celebrate with chocolate and tuna casserole. In that order.

9. Determine that surprise gifts are over-rated. Arrange a shopping date for those you care about most.  It's a win-win solution; time spent with loved one and perfect gift purchased.

10. Pray. Cover the whole month in prayer and hope for the best.

Two lists done.
Like a boss.

And one more for good luck:

Three Things I'm Thankful for:

1. People and places.
2. Thick, warm bathrobe.
3. Songs that affirm the feelings.


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