Monday, December 29, 2014


The last time I'd been to the Van Duesen Garden's Light Display was twenty five years ago.

I remembered it being cold, crowded and colourful.

Not much has changed...

Still very crowded.

Still amazingly colorful.

And, duh. It's winter. So yes, it was cold.

Her: I'm thinking, something like Chinese or Indian for supper. How about you?
Me: YES! I've had my fill of turkey and ham. I've got a craving for samosas.
Her: Indian then?
Me: Well, samosas, anyway. Not sure how much other Indian food I care for as I'm not a fan of curry or coconut.
Her: I know this great place....

So we went.

No samosas on the menu.

Turns out? Samosas are a northern India thing. And we were in an Indian restaurant with southern Indian dishes.

So we took our chances and ordered completely-unknown-to-us dishes:


And I ordered three appy's, which we shared:

Mine were delish.

She: I think my body is going in shock.
Me: What does that mean?
She: My body reacted to the spices. Way too hot for me.
Me: I know what you mean. (I drank 7 glasses of water with my meal. SO many spices.)
She: No, really. I think I'm in shock.
Me: Tell me more about this shock.
She: My body is in a cold sweat and my stomach doesn't feel well.
Me: You've had two spoonfuls.
She: I have to go to the bathroom.
Me: OK
She: And then we better go.

I paid for our meal and got it packed up to take home.

Me: Are you thinking there may be vomiting on the drive home?
She: Yes.
Me: OK
She: You have supplies in your truck, yes?
Me, to the waitress: Can I get another plastic bag? And some napkins?

We almost made it back to the valley with just her head in the plastic bag. But, as we neared her house, she started to fill it.

Our relationship?
Has deepened to a new level of intimacy.


This afternoon, another girlfriend and I wall walked in Vancouver.
(Yes, I have noticed that I'm spending alot of my non-working hours in the city. Is this a sign? Should I live there? I don't think so. But... )

Anyway, we walked from one end of False Creek to Granville Island and back.

I love the way they've painted these silos. SO creative.

To get an idea of how large they are, those openings at the bottom are for cement mixer trucks to drive under. Amazing, no?

They used to be just big grey cement silos.
NOW? They are a sight seeing feature.

I love Granville Island.

If we didn't have a couple miles to walk back to our vehicle, I would've picked up a few things. To eat.

The day had been grey when we left Surrey, and our walk to Granville Island was grey, but then.
The sun peaked out just before it set and it lit up the skyline:

And once again, I was glad I had lugged along my camera.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. So far? I haven't thrown up. Really hoping she didn't have the flu, because I so don't want to get it. My truck was a very warm Petri dish on Saturday night, so those germs would have blossomed in there.

2. I am thankful that Clint made it to SunPeaks safely. Two more kids going up this week. I had more peace about them being there when they were little and Mark would drive them all in his truck.

3. I am thankful for sunshine on grey days.

4. I am thankful for the care home my dad lives in.

5. I am thankful for the workers in that care home.

6. I am thankful that there is a lot of sun forecast for this week.

7. I am thankful for friends who like to wander along seawalls.

8. I am thankful for friends who like to watch random people learn how to blow glass.

9. I am thankful for friends who are awake at midnight and want to chat.

10. I am thankful for my family. I am remembering our Christmas gathering with fondness.

11. I am thankful that God is writing my story. I love his creativity.

12. I am thankful that I'm only working two days this week.

Shalom, friends.

And I love the way the colors in these two photos, are so similar.

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Tricia said...

Your walks and beautiful photos give me wanderlust.