Saturday, December 13, 2014

Vancouver in December

The rain stopped.

So I went outside.

And it was good.

On Thursday night, Clint and I went Christmas shopping at the downtown Costco. And then out for dinner. After I dropped him off at his office, I drove over to Science World, parked, and wandered the sea wall for a few minutes before heading over to Max's to drop off some food.

The city was just shimmering with loveliness, and I had a longing to return. With someone. To walk the seawall with. Earlier in the evening.

22 hours later, I was back again with a friend.

We walked for 2 hours.

... and had the seawall to ourselves.

We stopped at Urban Fare for macaroons:

... which we ate OUTSIDE ...

.... in December.


We walked back.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Days with no rain.
2. Friday nights.
3. Vancouver.



Susan said...

I live on the SK prairies now but my son lives in Vancouver. O how I long to be there at this time of year, away from the icy brown of the prairies, which after 10 years I still have not come to properly appreciate. Your photos and posts about the west coast are refreshing to my soul. Thank you!

Jane said...

You're welcome. My sympathies re: living in SK, hahaha. I'm sure you love the wide open skies. The days without rain. And all the fresh air. Thanks for commenting. Have a good Christmas.xo