Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Good Week

After the drama of last weekend's events, this week, by comparison, has been outright boring. Thankfully.

On Monday, after work, I drove into Vancouver to take Clint out for dinner. (I had a salad.) He'd had an unexpectedly rough day, so when I dropped him off at home, I asked him if I could pray for him. Right there. In my truck. In his driveway.

I'd never done this before, with him.
He said yes.

I was honoured.

On Tuesday after work I met a friend for dinner (I had a salad) and a Cheap-Night-Tuesday movie. We saw Into the Woods, which is a dark Disney musical that she absolutely loved because she is a musician. (And I enjoyed it because it reminded me of Once Upon A Time by adding twists to commonly known fairy tales. Also. Emily Blunt. Chris Pine. Haha. SO FUN.)

While we were standing in line, the young couple in front of us were having words. Harsh ones. She had just joined him:
She had been waiting over there. He was sitting over here. She couldn't see him. He wasn't answering her 1000 texts. He didn't know; he was reading. She couldn't believe he wasn't worried. (They both looked to be in their very early 20's.) Then she collapsed on the floor beside him in a huff and started to cross stitch (!), while he continued to read comic books, their anger slowly dissipating with each stitch and each page turn.

The reason I mention this is because 2 things:
1. I was a cross-stitcher. So I had a stereo-type in mind as to what sort of person does needlework. And where. This girl was goth-ish. Black lipstick. Black clothes. Bad attitude. NOT who I'd expect to come into Billie's to buy DMC embroidery cotton. Also? It was my experience that cross-stitching was an at-home activity. Something you did in your family room, next to an overhead lamp, while the kids were in bed, and the game was on TV. Or something. NOT an activity you did on the floor of a theatre in a dark hallway while waiting for your seats.

The crafter in me was thrilled to see how the next generation is being creative.

2. HER PATTERN CHART WAS ON HER PHONE. That kinda blew me away. She was counting stitches while referring to her phone screen. I love that x 1000.

On Wednesday night I met a friend for a visit. And a movie. We arrived at our VIP seats (her Christmas gift to me) an hour early and chatted using our voices and our phones (we mostly have a cyber relationship, so we're used to communicating via facebook, instagram and twitter.) While we talked we uploaded pictures, showed each other our feeds and talked about our various screen crushes. (She's better at screen crushes than me.)

We saw The Hobbit 5 Armies and she loved it because she's a LOTR's nerd plus she has a thing for Thorin.

(He's also known as Mr. Thornton in North and South, and Guy of Gisborne in BBC's Robin Hood.)

I enjoyed it because I love sweeping epic stories, and it made me get all choked up. 

On Thursday after work a friend and I drove up to the lake for night. We stopped along the way to pick up ingredients for supper (salad) then spontaneously popped in to one of her happy places. Staples. For office supplies. 

We walked the aisles and touched things and imagined others. 
Such a wonderful place. 
She smiled the entire time.

I bought some cheerful paper clips. 

We watched We Bought a Zoo, and I teared up a few times. Because. Feelings. 

I love that it was based on a true story. I love that it was a story about a family, not a guy-meets-girl romance. I love the way they worked things out. And I loved the actors in these roles. 

Also. Seriously loved the soundtrack. 

After she went to bed I wikipedia'd the heck out of that story to get ALL the info. And am now following Benjamin Mee (the real guy who bought the zoo. In England, it turns out; not in California) on twitter. Haha. The world? Is so small. 

On Friday at work, I put my new paper clips into their new home:

Then decided to files six months of paperwork, change up my bulletin board to reflect current projects we've been working on, and take Christmas off my file cabinet:

(That orchid? Has been on my filing cabinet for almost two years. This is it's 4th go-round at budding new blossoms. I? Am a boss at keeping orchids alive.)

After work on Friday Sandra invited me for dinner. She told me she was making me a salad. Haha. When I got there:

Her: I was too hungry to wait for you, so I've started. Rick is waiting though. And he made you dinner. All your favorite foods. It was his day off, so he went grocery shopping and everything.
Me: Well. Uh, thanks.

They had set up three wingback chairs in the dining room around a small table complete with candles. Very cozy and intimate.

Him, walking me into the kitchen: She said you like stir fry and potatoes.

Him: But I wasn't sure what type of potatoes, so I made double baked russet potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams.And I made a veggie stir fry. And here's a salad. I made the dressing. And I've got chicken too.  Help yourself. 

I was a little overwhelmed. So thoughtful. And a lovely break from all the salads I'd been eating all week. 

After dinner six of us drove into Vancouver to see Brian Regan and Joe Bolster at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts. (Stand up comedians).

 Oh. My Goodness. SO very funny. (I am now following Brian on twitter. Sent him a tweet after the show telling him how much we enjoyed it.) (I figured he'd like some encouraging feedback.) (Joe is not on twitter. He's not very tech savvy as far as I can tell.) 

Of course I wikipedia'd them too. 
Brian is one of 8 children. 
Joe is the oldest of 14. 

I thought so. 

Anyway, here's a Brian Regan clip. He? Has been invited to do stand up on the David Letterman show a record 26 times. Yes, impressive, is it not?

And here's a pic of Joe. From our spot in the theatre, we thought he was about 60 years old. I'm thinking we may have overshot by a few years:

And today, Saturday?
I slept til 1:30 pm

HAHA. I am a sloth on weekends.
(Although I did go to church and am excited about the new 8 week series on Joshua: God has uniquely prepared you for the journey He calls you to live. AMEN.)

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Rich friendships
2. Laughter
3. Salads


Also. This? Is inspiring. Watch it. If you want.

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