Friday, January 2, 2015


I'm starting the New Year in bed.
I've got a man cold.
The type that makes you whine-y and dependent.

'cept I've got no one to whine to.
Nor be dependent on.

So I've stayed in my basement bunker for 32 hours (except for quick jaunts to the kitchen for toasted bagels and fruit juice) and mostly slept.

A few hours ago my eyes were tired of being closed, so I opened my laptop and let them look at things. And then Jenn came online and we talked with our fingers. And one thing led to another and next thing I know? I'm creating a new 101 Things to Do in 1,001 Days.

The last time I did this, was in 2010 - 2012. (And if you'll recall, 2012 was the year my life went sideways. I spent the better part of that year just keeping my head above water. The list? Was all but forgotten.)

My new list is hosted on  I think you might be able to view it here.
If not, here it is:

  1. Finish/Print 2015 Photo Book
  2. Finish/Print 2014 Photo Book
  3. Host movie-thon weekend at lake
  4. Donate blood
  5. Visit Vern in Winnipeg
  6. Attend a spoken word event
  7. Walk across the Cambie Street Bridge
  8. Walk across the Port Mann Bridge
  9. See Donny and Elton in Vegas
  10. Renew passport
  11. No fast food lunches for a month
  12. Take a dance lesson
  13. Send a secret to Post Secret
  14. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
  15. Submit an article to a publication
  16. Organize/Sort through 25 boxes
  17. Organize/Sort through 25 more boxes
  18. Via dye or extensions, add a bright colour to my hair
  19. Explore laser eye surgery
  20. Weekend in Portland via train
  21. Vacation in Europe. Destination and companions to be determined
  22. Attend Symphony
  23. See Fleetwood Mac live
  24. Attend/Volunteer at Vancouver Film Festival
  25. Take a class/workshop doing something creative
  26. Send tweets/notes to authors of books we read at book club
  27. Pay for someone's order behind me in a Starbucks or Tim Horton drive through line
  28. Memorize a passage of scripture
  29. Get rid of 100 things
  30. Write a Production Manual for work
  31. Figure out a way to have music in my basement
  32. Read through One Year Bible in 2015
  33. Read through Bible in 2016
  34. Explore a Canadian city in 2015
  35. Explore an American city in 2015
  36. Explore a European city in 2016
  37. Host a Good Ideas party
  38. Make one recipe off Yum board on Pinterest
  39. Add all book club book selections to Pages board on Pinterest
  40. Write 4 letters to each Compassion child in 2015
  41. Write 4 letters to each Compassion child in 2016
  42. Walk around Barnston Island
  43. Visit/Explore Othello Mines
  44. Attend a play at Pacific Theatre
  45. Attend a play at Arts Club Theatre
  46. Set aside the 10th day of each month to fast
  47. Do a 24 hour read-a-thon in 2015
  48. Do a 24 hour read-a-thon in 2016
  49. Buy hiking footwear. Use it
  50. Go on 3 hikes in 2015
  51. Go on 3 hikes in 2016
  52. Go to bed by midnight 10 nights in a row
  53. Buy a box of thank you notes every month for the next 1001 days. USE THEM
  54. Write a random note of encouragement. Put it in a book at a bookstore
  55. Plan an evening where I place pre-written encouraging post it notes in random public spaces
  56. Try geocaching
  57. Invest house money
  58. Remove 2013 and 2014 photos from laptop
  59. Get a makeup make over
  60. Buy new bed(s) for cabin
  61. Get outdoor patio lighting for cabin
  62. Improve landscaping at cabin
  63. Lose 10 pounds
  64. Pray for the entire world via:
  65. Watch/Recommend one TED video everyday for a month
  66. Give blood again
  67. Lose an additional 10 pounds
  68. Go chocolate-less for 30 consecutive days
  69. Participate in Lent in a meaningful way
  70. First Advent Sunday- with OBoys
  71. Host craft weekend at lake
  72. Find local eyebrow threader
  73. Try 5 new tea flavors
  74. Watch 5 documentaries on netflix
  75. Attend a concert at Red Rock in Colorado
  76. Follow 25 new photographers on Instagram
  77. Comment on 1 instagram photo a day for 1001 days
  78. New York. With friends
  79. Northern Lights with Oboys
  80. Organize office at work - get a bookshelf/cabinet
  81. See Cirque du Soleil
  82. Buy a good non-lacy bra
  83. Make a new friend
  84. Complete an athletic challange
  85. Use public transit only for one weekend
  86. Learn to do headshots in the photo studio at work
  87. Visit Tricia in North Carolina
  88. Attend an Anne Lamott book reading event
  89. Finish reading Outlander series
  90. Lose another ten pounds
  91. Hold a newborn
  92. No bread/buns for 30 days
  93. Follow through on HONY/Story of My Life project idea
  94. Replace phone with newer model in 2016
  95. Six Flags with Oboys
  96. Help mom clean out Christmas Closets
  97. Help mom clean out craft room
  98. Move all boxes from garage to basement
  99. Deal with annual medical appts 2015
  100. Deal with annual medical appts 2016
  101. Go dancing

Want to do any of these with me?

Fingers crossed and Lord willing, I'll be able to cross about 50 of them off by the end of Sept 2017.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Tylenol Cold and Flu tabs
2. All three (+Dani) kids are safe at SunPeaks and snowboarding their guts out.
3. This bed is mega comfortable.


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Tricia said...

Number 87 is my fave.