Thursday, January 1, 2015

Currently - December 2014

I am currently:

Obsessing over,
Working on, 
Thinking about, 
Listening to,
Praying for,
Remembering,Happy about.  

1. I am currently obsessing over:
  • My right heel. Man. It really hurts. Good news is it won't last forever. It should feel better in 9 months to a year. Quicker if I lose 100 pounds.
  • 2015. Aaaack. It's a new year. What am I going to do during it? What does God have in store? 

2. I am currently working on:
  • Creating a character for a book a friend is writing. So Much Fun. 
  • Clearing photo files off my laptop. 
  • Saying goodbye to things I need to let go of. 
  • Creating a plan to go through ALL MY BOXES (one a week? Ten a month?) and store them properly.

3. I am thinking about:
  • This season. And how hard it is for some. Only one 'difficult' day left - New Year's Day. After that? Clear sailing til Feb 14. 
  • Words. And how powerful they are. Just read a tweet by George Stroumboulopoulos: 2015 is for the brave, and for those who may not feel their best, come stand beside us. We've got you. Much love  "We've got you." So good. As is, "I've got your back." Or, "Lean on me. I can be strong enough for both us." 
  • I am thinking about Max, tonight at an NA New Year's event (a dance) that he organized and is working at. And how proud I am of him. 
  • And I'm thinking of my other kids, Clint, Drew (and Danica), all up at SunPeaks with Mark. And I know they are at their very happiest place on earth. 
  • And I'm thinking of my dad, in his bedroom at the carehome. And wondering if he's OK. 
  • And I'm thinking about the movie I just watched, Silver Linings Playbook, and how I watched it because I love the ending, but during it? My shoulders were so tense I thought they'd snap. The dysfunction. The yelling. The growing, learning, stretching, trying, risking, loving ... so messy. But so worth it.
  • And I'm thinking about all the chocolate I've consumed these past two weeks. And how that needs to change. 
  • And I'm thinking about the time I spent at the lake with a new(ish) friend on Tuesday night. And how I predicted I wouldn't be up before 10 in the morning, and I ended up being in a deep sleep right until 12:15 pm. And then a lighter sleep til 1:00 pm. And feeling bad because I SUCK at hosting people for overnighters. 

    4. I am anticipating:
    • The days getting longer and winter fully arriving.
    • I am anticipating 2015. NEW LISTS. NEW PLANS. NEW EVERYTHING.
    • I am anticipating watching OUTLANDER and DOVEKEEPERS in April. On the TV in my basement den. 
    • And hosting a birthday open house for my mom's 75th birthday on Jan 2.
    • And seeing a whole bunch of movies in January. 

    5. I am listening to:
    • Sadly, no new additions to my playlist this month. Not one.  
    • Any suggestions?

    6. I am eating:
    • Instead of recording what I'm eating at the moment of writing this post, I'm thinking I should record any foods that I tried for the first time during the month. Like, say, this month? It was that (southern) Indian food. Can't remember the name of it. From now on, I'll be sure to record what that food is called and what it tasted like. 

    7. I am praying for:
    • 2015. His will be done.
    • My kids. Their friends.
    • My friends. Their kids.
    • The entertainment industry; specifically a few actors, directors, producers, musicians, writers...
    • Folks I love who need meaningful work.
    • NA and AA meetings around the world. 
    • My dad and mom.
    • My kids.

    8. I am reading:

    9. I am remembering:
    • Christmas. And how lovely it was when all was said and done. And feeling lucky about the family I am a part of. 
    • And I'm remembering all the good things that happened in December, from sea wall walking, to dinners with friends, to time spent with my boys, to nights at the lake. 

    Happy New Year. 
    Blessings to you and your families,


    Tricia said...

    Happy New Year Jane!
    Silver LInings Playbook...I've tried watching it twice, but couldn't get past the anger and disfunction; it made me physically sick.

    Unknown said...

    Silver Linings is my favorite movie. Maybe because the crazy isn't so far from life ... And I love their happy ending. It gives me hope. <3

    Happy New Year, Janey, and thank you so much for being so inspiring and supportive. Your friendship is invaluable and cherished. Thank you for everything.