Thursday, February 12, 2015

Only Broken People Need a Saviour

"And then I was weeping... I always cry when I'm angry..."

Haha. Do you hear those words everytime you open my blog? Sorry...
Hoping if I post a bunch of small posts this evening, that video will get buried on the next page.

Drop Box.
The movie.

It's about a Korean father who takes in babies that no one wants. He has a depository installed in the wall of his home so that moms can leave their unwanted little ones in a safe warm place instead of discarding them on the streets.

Its a movie that punches most people in the feelers.
Tragically, I was not affected like most of colleagues were. I was dry-eyed after my pre-screening opportunity.

HOWEVER, today? When I listened to Brian Ivie share his story? While sitting at my desk at work? I got all teary.

Brian was a 21 year old film student when he first went to Korea to do a documentary on Pastor Lee's ministry to unwanted babies. Listen here to find out how that experience affected him.

If you're not particularly interested in Korea's unwanted babies, listen anyways. Because it's not about The Drop Box, it's about the way God uses situations, regardless of the motivation, for His purposes. Brian's story is inspiring. And heart-warming. And full of hope.

I love stories like his. Love. Love. Love.

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