Thursday, February 26, 2015


Russel Brands talks about porn in a non-icky, intelligent way that warns viewers about the dangers of viewing it:

"Icebergs of filth, floating through every house on wifi ..."
"I know pornography is wrong... this isn't the best use of my time. I don't put that laptop lid down and say, There, what a productive piece of time spent..."
"I feel like if I had total dominion over myself, I would never look at pornography again..."


A fantastic article on what not to say. And who not to say it to.

All you need to remember is this: Comfort IN. Dump OUT.


A fine TEDTalk about the value of investing in your family.
Give it a listen.
Her's is not from a religious point of view...

In the workplace, real equality means valuing family just as much as work, and understanding that the two reinforce each other. 

Breadwinning and caregiving are equally necessary for human survival.

...we should be socializing our sons and our husbands to be whatever they want to be, either caregivers or breadwinners. We should be socializing them to make caregiving cool for guys

... making a place for those we love is actually a global imperative.

 If breadwinning and caregiving are really equal, then why shouldn't a government invest as much in an infrastructure of care as the foundation of a healthy society as it invests in physical infrastructure as the backbone of a successful economy?

...juggling work and family are not women's problems, they're family problems.

...we have to value family every bit as much as we value work, and that we should entertain the idea that doing right by those we love will make all of us better at everything we do.


Threads Sew Fine

While her and I have never had a conversation, Renae has lingered around the outer edges of my life...
She's started a business and a blog. Check it out here.


A ten minute talk that took place here in Vancouver.
I admire this young woman. So proud of what she's trying to accomplish.

"the number one wish of girls 11 - 17 is to be thinner."
"81% of ten year old girls are afraid of being fat. This fear transcends a fear of nuclear war, cancer or even losing their parents."

Listen to her talk, check out her website and sign her petition. She's asking fashion magazines to stop using photoshop to enhance the images they use.

Her talk?

Was part of bi-monthly forum that takes place in Vancouver... which I think sounds fascinating.

I had no idea we had things like this taking place so close to home. Feels like a mini, homegrown version of Ted Talks, no?



How to be a better kisser:

Read this article. Science Explains How To Be A Better Kisser.

"A German survey in the 1980's determined that men who regularly kissed their wives lived an average of 5 years longer than those who didn't, were 50 percent less likely to be involved in a car accident than their non-kissing counterparts, and made about 30 percent more money. "


Loved this 4 minute video on what a dad did for his adult autistic son:


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