Friday, February 6, 2015

Worth Looking Into

(Aaaack. Sorry. That trailer auto-starts. Grrr.)

A few projects I thought I'd mention:

1. Last year Focus brought the movie, Irreplaceable to sold out movie theatres across North America for one night only. 

Did you see it?
It was good, yes? 
You can view the trailer here. 

It's now available on DVD. If you believe in the value of Family, it's worth getting. It will affirm your gut feeling that families are important and worth fighting for. (Purchase info, click here.)

The follow up to that movie/docu-drama is a 12 part study on Family. I've been watching a session each Tuesday during my lunch break with some of my co-workers. We are all impressed with the quality and the discussion points. I would recommend this box set for a small group study, or even a husband-wife (& possibly their adult children?) study. 

Do you have weekly family nights? Where everyone comes home for dinner? Maybe once a month, for 12 months, you could watch a 25 minute session? Just a thought. 

Purchase info and add'l details, click here


Last year, while Focus was promoting Irreplaceable, criss-crossing the country doing interviews and pre-screenings, another project caught my eye. 

Liberty Studios, a small independent studio,  was marketing their very first movie, Walking with the Enemy.

It only played for two weeks, only in the States, only in independent theatres. 

(I twisted a friend's arm, and we drove to Seattle to watch it one rainy Saturday in April.)

HOWEVER, For one night only, it will be playing in Vancouver, on Friday March 13 at the Dunbar Theatre. (4555 Dunbar St.) So, if you're looking for something to do...

I'm not saying it's the best film you'll ever see. But it's based on a true story, has some poignant moments, and has a romantic element to it as well - and I always love those. 

Set in Hungary during the final months of World War II, a young man sets out to find his displaced family by using a stolen Nazi uniform to pose as an officer. Filled with suspense and danger, he undertakes extraordinary measures to reroute his family and others to safety by disrupting the activities of the German occupiers.

And lastly ...

Focus is presenting The Drop Box.

It's a story that will touch your feelers. 

Hundreds of unwanted babies are abandoned on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, every year, forgotten by the surrounding culture.
The Drop Box is a documentary about the work of Pastor Lee Jong-rak and his heroic efforts to embrace and protect his community’s most vulnerable children. By installing a drop box outside his home, Pastor Lee provides a safe haven to babies who would otherwise be abandoned on the streets to die.
It’s a heart-wrenching exploration of the physical and emotional toll associated with providing refuge to save those deemed unwanted by society.
But it’s also a story of hope. And a celebration of the reality that every human life is sacred, has a purpose and is worthy of love.

End of commercial message. 

No I do not receive any compensation or royalties. :)

Just thought you'd be interested. xo

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