Tuesday, April 14, 2015

All Ovah da Place.

So I was doing good. Until, like 10 pm on Tuesday, and pffffft. I just started to cry. All because of that Dove ad on beauty.


When I blogged about that ad, I was just sobbing my little heart out. It was pathetic. Haha. Feeling all sorry for myself because the only man who thought I was beautiful had just died.

And I know the purpose of that ad campaign is not about others making you feel beautiful. It's about choosing to feel beautiful. All on your own. Regardless of what the men (or friends) in your life may or may not say.

But I chose to remember how he made me feel.
And I felt sad that he's gone.

Which, honestly, came out of no where. But I rode that wave in all it's glorious angst.

And then resolved that I had to get my shit together.

On Wednesday, Terry and I went into Vancouver for a walk n talk along the seawall. And to check Vancouver's latest art installation:

She hadn't seen last year's colourful art piece, so we walked over there:

We watched the sun set, the rowers row, the buildings light up, then stopped at the Tap n Barrel to sit on the patio and have a late supper. I didn't cry once.

It? Was a magical evening. Felt like we'd gone on a vacation.

On Thursday, I met Jenn at Ikea to browse and shop and day dream and talk and then with dozens of new candles in my truck, I drove into Vancouver to pick up Clint.

We got home at midnight because traffic was down to ONE LANE on the Port Mann. Clint was a frustrated passenger and his moaning may have caused me to get quiet. And maybe a little bit sad in my soul. I guess I'm not a fan of whining men. I just don't know what do about it. Anyway, we got back to my mom's place, I hopped out and he drove back into Vancouver with my truck because he needed it for a few shoots.

My mom drove me to and picked me up from work on Friday, which is a little bit like maid service/having a princess lifestyle - which was lovely. And then I borrowed her car to meet Kim in Coquitlam to see The Woman in Gold.

Which is about Nazi's, Jewish people, Austria, WW2 and works of art.

And while my dad was not Jewish (he was Mennonite) and not from Austria (he was from the Ukraine/Russia), WW2 and the Nazi's were very much a part of his young life. 

I totally enjoyed the movie, and it reminded me to not forget my dad and grandma's stories. They are my story too. 

On Saturday, Val and I (and Drew and Jordan) attended the last regular season Canuck's game. And it was so, so, so fun. Fan Appreciation Night. Celebrate GINO night. And WE WON in overtime. And we were all just so happy and enthusiastic to be there. (Thanks, Mark, for the tickets.)

And Sunday? Well Sunday was just all kinds of pure awesome sauce. 

Maxine, Christine, Danica and I went to the Chris Tomlin concert. And ohmyohmyohmyohmy it was so good. JUST what my heart needed. 

Maxine and I have done many Creationfests together, so worshipping beside her just felt right. And this was Danica and my third Chris Tomlin concert and let me tell you something. My heart was just so happy that I could share this with her again. It was her mom's first concert in forever, so that's always exciting - experiencing something with a newbie. 

If you ever get a chance to see Chris Tomlin, even if you aren't sure about his latest album - GO. He knows what he's doing. AMaZING. 

When asked what his most special recording is, he mentioned this song:

It gives me goosebumps. 

And today? I yawned seventy million times before lunch at work. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Emotions. Even if they're all over the place - it's good to feel.

2. Friends to share the journey.

3. This life. 


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