Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Wedding Pics.

I had no confidence going into this shoot.
Clint showed me how filthy my lens was about a month ago, and I had intended to send it in for cleaning, but then my dad died.

(Haha, I have a friend who lost her dad a couple years ago, and she says I'm part of the MDD group now. Apparently, I will say MDD - my dad died - over and over again for the next while...)

Anyway, I never got around to getting that lens cleaned, plus I didn't have time to go through pinterest pics of 'before the wedding' photo set ups.

So I prayed the whole way to Bellingham that Sunday morning. That God would somehow work through me and my amateur ways with my dirty equipment and help me capture some good memories.

When I got to the the hotel, I was somewhat dismayed by the small hotel room with only one window in which to work. For most of the pics, I'm standing in a 8" x 12" corner next to the boxes and bags and laptop and garbage can and flowers hoping to get a clear shot at something.

And then when we went outside? THE WIND. That wind almost made it impossible to be outdoors. BUT THE CEREMONY ROOM was too dark for me to get good shots, so outside we stayed.


Plus, you, know. MDD.

Anyway. First set of pics is here.
And this is the last of them.

(Well, I took 1500 pics. Culled it down to 500. And am posting about 20.)

Thank you Jesus that there were 20 good shots. :)

Three Things I'm Thankful For:

1. Young love.
2. Weddings.
3. Family.


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