Friday, May 15, 2015

Three Things. Again.


Our afternoon coffee break at work was an English Tea. We ate scones with strawberry preserves and cream, and tarts, and quiche, and mini blueberry cheesecakes and everyone was supposed to wear a hat. Like the Brits do.

(Pics of peeps and hats will be posted tomorrow.)



I had my first foot treatment this afternoon.
Oh. My. Flippin. Goodness.

SO painful.

She's a reflexologist and deep tissue masseuse.
I had no idea what to expect when I booked the appointment.

She put lotion on her hands, then picked up my foot and squeezed the sides of my heel with her fore finger on one side and her thumb on the other. (My heel was healed. It's the metatarsal bone that's causing me grief.) But *justlikethat she found a sore spot.

Me: Goodness that hurts. I thought I only had one sore point that needed fixing. You found another with just one squeeze. Ow.

Her: I'll probably find a lot of sore spots. Your feet? Are wound up tight. So hard. I'm going to break up the scar tissue and it's going to hurt.


Her: Are you familiar with reflexology?

Me: Not so much.

Her: Well this? (And she does a deep killer massage on a sensitive spot.) Is connected to your lower back. It's one big knot. Do you have back troubles?

Me: Not worth mentioning. It's my foot that's been giving me issues.

Her: And this? Is your neck. Feel this?

Me: Uh huh. OW. (And I try not to pull it away from her.)

Her: This is great. Can you feel what's happening? It's breaking up right beneath my fingers. See? I press and stretch it and ...

Me: Uh huh. Yeah. That hurts.

Her: You are doing really good. The first session is always the hardest.

For 45 minutes she pressed and stretched and pulled and poked and I was so glad when it was time to leave.

I'm going back next Thursday.


Went to the other beach tonight to watch the sun set. 'cept this beach faces east. So we walked over to the park and watched it set there.

We got there just in the nick of time.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. English tea food.

2. Smart people who know about feet.

3. Friends with beach houses.


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