Thursday, May 14, 2015

Three Things


This is a fun movie:
You should probably see it twice.

This is a haunting movie. (Russell Crowe's first shot at being a director.)
Story was sad, but good. And based on a time in history that I was previously unfamiliar with.


Just finished this book:

Hattie is an African american mom. The "tribes" are her people. Each chapter is about one of them. Some are easy to read. Others are not.

Which would probably be true about a book called The Tribes of Jane. We don't know the impact we have on our kids/grandkids/family/friends.

And I finished this book:

Chick lit. Tis about a set of triplets. All girls. And the happenings in the year before their 33rd birthday.

And third:

I am thankful for:

1. Eight hours of filing is DONE. Four out of five drawers at work are all current and organized.

2. Oranges.

3. Cards that come in the mail inviting me to Winnipeg, with the option of doing a drive by in Winkler to check out my dad's old stompin' grounds. :)

4. The Maylong is just around the corner.


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