Monday, June 1, 2015

Things I've Learned Along The Way ...

(And happy  birthday to my mom's cousin, Rose.
And Sandra's mom, Bev.
And my friend, Lorel.
June 1 is a big day for birthdays in my world.)

In honor of my birthday, I thought I'd share something I've learned in this lifetime:

50 Random bits of wisdom: 

1.       Some things just don’t matter.
2.       Some things  do.
3.       Figure it out. Ask for help if everything seems to matter a lot.
4.       If you can arrange it, get someone else to do your filing for you.
5.       You are not ugly. On your worst day, you’re probably normal.
6.       You’re never too old to make new friends.
7.       Choose friends who are exactly like you. It’s lovely and comforting having people who understand you.
8.       Choose friends who are exactly not like you.  It’s stimulating, educational and inspiring to have people in your life with a different world view.
9.       Try hard to enjoy the flavors and textures of foods that are good for you.
10.   Don’t wait too long between hair trims, especially if you decide to go with bangs.
11.   Don’t decide to go with bangs.
12.   You really don’t need that many clothes.
13.   Get married because you want to share his life, his real life, not the one you’re imagining.
14.   Love is a decision, not a feeling. Well, OK, it’s a decision after the feelings.
15.   If you’re not athletic find some sort of exercise to do that you don’t hate.
16.   Do an exercise-y type of thing every single day for the rest of your life. Make peace with that thought.
17.   Purdy’s makes the best chocolate.
18.   Babies don’t sleep at night. Anticipate it.
19.   Boys like to blow things up. Hide the valuables.
20.   Keeping teeth in your mouth becomes more of a priority/item to be budgeted for the older you get.
21.   Have a selection of comfortable shoes in addition to the sexy ones.
22.   Take care of your feet. This could involve pain.
23.   Blow your nose. No one likes a sniffer.
24.   Pray about it.
25.   Find beauty in the mundane.
26.   Be curious, ask questions.
27.   Family is important. Our communities and countries depend on healthy families.
28.   Say sorry. Own your shit.
29.   Be forgiving. You’ll sleep better.
30.   Before you go to bed, think on three things you’re thankful for.
31.   Sparkle for your spouse. The day you stop? Another woman will pull out her glitter.
32.   Women? If he’s married, back off.
33.   Seriously. Respect wedding vows.
34.   Don’t watch porn. It’ll mess you up.
35.   Sleep 8 hours every night. Do as I say, not as I do.
36.   Have sex only with the one you are married to.
37.   Go to church. Listen. Learn. Apply.
38.   Understand that God loves you. Let that sink in.
39.   Don’t cross your legs. It cuts off circulation.
40.   Practice being kind.
41.   Eliminate sarcasm from your conversations.
42.   Smile more often.
43.   Don’t buy a cheap bed.
44.   Don’t get drunk.
45.   Use butter. Not margarine.
46.   Maybe say sorry again. It can’t hurt.
47.   Take classes, read books, watch instructional videos, ask for help Re: parenting. Equip yourself.
48.   Drink water. Lots of it.
49.   Find a cause/charity/thing that you support.
50.   Hold hands more often.


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