Sunday, June 7, 2015


Dear God,

I'm another year older.
Thank you.

And thanks for this life.
Am I doing what You created me to do?
Or am I way off course?

If I am heading in the wrong direction, feel free to set me on a different path.
(Do the same for my kids, k?)

Thanks for the people you've arranged for me to do life with.
They are pretty awesome.
And some of them are really hurting right now.

Please mend those broken hearts. Bring about healing and hope in their lives. When they absolutely feel like they can't take one more step forward, please open a door for them to fall into. I know You have a good plan for their lives, despite the brokenness and devastating heart-ache. Could you give them a sneak peek of the things you have in store? Could you flood their hearts and minds with peace as they trust in You to carry them through these sad days? When they lift their empty hands to you, could you fill them so they overflow with blessings from You? Your will be done.

God, I have a tender spot in my heart for folks who are struggling with addictions. I pray that You would be at work in their lives. If they need to hit bottom before healing can begin, I ask that you arrange for them to be brought to that spot quickly and safely, with people standing by to offer them a life line. I pray for their families, their friends, their co-workers - and ask that You would give them extra measures of wisdom and patience. I know that You've gone ahead and arranged for companions to share the journey to recovery with them - thank you. I pray that You've also gone ahead and filled the local NA and AA meetings with vibrant, caring, friendly people who will reach out and draw in those in desperate need for role models and mentors. May Your will be done.

For those needing work, God I pray that You would provide. You've equipped them with gifts and talents and longings and passions. I pray that they would be able to use them in such a way that honors you and provides for their families. I pray that they would be employed by organizations that value their workers and at the end of the day, they would feel like their contributions were appreciated. I pray You would open and close doors according to Your will for their lives. Let their coworkers be positive influences so that friendships flourish and work hours would be enjoyable. I pray Your will be done.

God? I also pray for those who have recently married, are newly engaged, or are planning weddings
this year. Could you dump a load of patience on them? Just fill them to overflowing with patience as they deal with the newness of it all. Give them wisdom as they navigate their way around shared living spaces, consideration for other points of view, compromises regarding insignificant details as well as important big picture issues ... all of it. God, I pray Your will be done.

And, God? Those new moms? The ones that have babies who aren't sleeping through the night? The ones with babies who are teething? The ones who are overwhelmed with the endless crying, lack of personal time, and the crippling responsibility of it all? God I pray that You would cover them with a blanket of calm. I pray that they would experience pockets of pure parenting pleasure. And that You'd fill their tank with enough successes to get them through another day. I pray Your will be done in those homes where chaos reigns because of the newest additions.

Aaaack. And God? I have friends who are not healthy right now. But You already know that. They are struggling with cancer, sicknesses, broken bones, aching bits, and sore parts. You're at work already aren't You? I'm praying for wisdom for their doctors. I'm praying for endurance for their families. I'm praying for freedom from pain. I'm praying for miraculous healings. I'm praying for Your will to be done.

And for those I'm praying for who don't know You? Please reveal Yourself and Your great love for them in mighty powerful, insanely personal, unmistakably divine ways today. Let this day not pass without them hearing from you. Use everything/anything in all of creation to catch their attention. Protect them from temptations they lack the strength to walk away from. Dispatch Your messengers. Put Your angels on their rooftops and at their front doors. Fill their bedrooms with Your spirit. Provide them with friends, handpicked by You, to walk alongside. Gently whisper their name, or boom loudly, shouting their name; whichever is more effective. I'm trusting You know best.
Keep nagging and pestering and calling and reminding - God I pray Your will be done.

In Jesus's precious, powerful, Holy name I pray,

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Tricia said...

Dang! You made me teary eyed again.