Monday, June 8, 2015


The third and final Richardson child is getting married this summer. We showered her today.

The theme was 'English Tea Party' or something....

Which was easy to pull off at my mom's house, seeing she has a few teapots:

She has some pretty teacups n saucers too ...

And flowers. Instead of balloons or streamers or banners - we went with flowers.

Of course, the most beautiful accessories were the guests:

It was a 'Favorite Things' shower. Each guest blessed Joy with something that is their 'favorite' ...
so before Joy opened the gift, the giver explained what it was, and why it was a favorite thing in their life.

Twas a purely awesome afternoon.

And my favorite shot of the day?

Claire in front of the food table:

Dear God,

Thank you for this family.

Thank you for these girls. They are sisters/inlaw and You have brought them together by Your design for Your purposes. Thank you for doing that. They (Claire, Joy, and Mary-Anne) are beautiful, loving, kind, gentle women. I pray that as they seek Your will, You will lead and guide them through the best life possible. Use them individually, and as a group, to accomplish great things in Your kingdom. May their homes be havens of rest to all who enter. May You be welcomed and comfortable in their homes and in their lives.

I pray that You would give these young women wisdom as they learn the complexities, the imperfections, and the hidden wonder in the men they've married. Give them strength and courage to walk hand in hand with their spouses and You when times get challenging. Remind them to forgive when they don't feel like forgiving. Remind them to extend grace when they'd rather just be mad for awhile. Encourage them to overlook the little stuff.

I pray that these three women would lift each other up in prayer, daily. That they would support and encourage each other. And that they would love each other's kids.

Thank you for the strong, positive, incredible example of marriage that Rob and Maureen have lived out. Please bless their marriage ten-fold as their clan continues to expand.



Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Blogging tonight from my mom's back deck at midnight. NO RODENTS up here.

2. It's MIDNIGHT. And it's about 20 degrees. Or maybe hotter. I don't know for sure. I just know I hardly have any clothes on, and I AM NOT COLD. Not one little bit.

3. Fridge full of leftovers.


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