Monday, June 8, 2015

Birthday Week

Twas my birthday last Monday.
And it's been non-stop excitement ever since.

How does someone this old celebrate? What does that even look like?
Well I'll tell you.

On June 1?
I worked all day, made dinner reservations for me, my boys and my mom, then met them at The Keg for steak at 6 pm.

On June 2?
My birthday gift to myself was to see my doctor. Because nothing is as celebratory as being completely naked (the paper sheet had long since fallen to the floor) and have your male doctor move handfulls of flesh this way n that with one hand, while holding a scalpel in the other. Moles were gouged out with his wee blade. So fun. (For those needing details, my doctor removes moles and skin tags for his patients. $75 for as many as you want taken off.) Best doctor ever? Maybe.

Before the freezing completely dissipated, (because, ouch when that numbness wears off...) I went for a long walk and realized after 6,000 steps that my foot was pain-free. Whoa. Happy birthday to meeee.

On June 3?
I had a foot treatment appointment. Oh yes I did. And she was unbelievably gentle on me. I think I got a reflexology massage instead of my usual Let's-Kill-Her-With-Our-Thumbs routine. Which was nice, but mostly useless in the healing of my foot.

And after that?
Kim and I drove into Vancouver to use the TWO FREE ADVANCE SCREENING TICKETS I won via Twitter to see Me And Earl And The Dying Girl courtesy of VIFF.

Which? By the way? We both loved.

On June 4?

We had a staff thing. ANOTHER one of our designers got scooped up. So we had a Creative Team Good Bye thing after work.

And I think I could live in this townhouse.

From there I drove out to Abby to have supper with Val. We ate on the patio at Broduer's Bistro and talked for three hours. Some evenings are just perfect. This was especially perfect because she gave me a box of chocolates too. Haha.

On June 5?

Sandra and I walked from Science World to Milestones at English Bay and sat on the balcony and watched the sun set. Then we walked back.

You're probably wondering how many footsteps that was.

Which is about 10 kilometers.

Yes. My foot hurts again.

So worth it though.

View from the patio:

And on the walk back?
There was a guy.
Who set up his telescope.
On the beach.
He offered passerby's the chance to look through it to see Jupiter.

So that was fascinating and fun.

On June 6?


I stayed in bed.
Then I went into the back yard.

And it was glorious.
Hot. Sunny. Saturday.

Got a text from Heather: "I've picked up some samosas. Dinner? On the deck?"

We decided on my deck so we could watch the sun set and the twinkle lights.

And have I mentioned how much I love Saturdays? And friends who bring samosas and who are happy with carrots, humus, cherries and grapes as the rest of the meal?

And today?
June 7?

We showered Joy.
(See next blogpost.)

And with that, my birthday week has ended,

Twas a good one.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My kids. They've been at the lake these past two weekends, cleaning up the decks and making plans regarding the yard.

2. Five more sleeps and I'm going on a  holiday!

3. Friends.

Can I recommend a thing? An article. On menopause. That is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME?
Read this. (Unless you're offended by vulgar language. Then don't read it.) I heart this.

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