Friday, July 31, 2015

Request for Prayer:

Before we all head into our long weekends, could I beg you to pray for three of my friends?

First one is Tricia. 
She is scheduled for surgery on Aug 4 to have giant cell tumours removed from her ankle.

Next one is Marg. 
She is facing surgery on Aug 5. Because of cancerous tumours, she is having her colon removed.

Read her story here.

And lastly, please pray for Brenda. In a recent update, Carson mentions that the cancer in her brain is progressing..."The doctor confirmed that there is nothing more medically that can be done to halt the progression of the cancer in her brain - without treatment efforts themselves causing significant side effects for little gain.

The primary concern has always been the cancer in her brain even though cancer still is present in her lungs and bone. The brain makes it nearly impossible to forecast what will happen or when it will happen."

Brenda continues with:  The doctors told me that I have defied all of the odds and they are very hesitant to be firm on timelines concerning end of life saying it is possible that I might defy the odds again. However, they did share that in my current state the general range is 1-2 months.


Thank you, readers, for joining me in asking that God's will be done and that He fill them with deep peace as they trust in His good plan for their lives. 


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