Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Exploring New Territory

Maureen and I wandered along New West's promenade beside the Fraser River on Sunday evening. If you've never been, you totally should.

Dear God,

Thank you for long weekends.
And days of rest. And days of sunshine. And days of fun.

And thank you for summer. (Personally I think summers were Your best idea.)
Thank you for a whole season devoted to warmth.

Thank you for flowers. And colors. And things that grow. And things that smell good.
And for people who look after all the growing things.

I have friends that are facing surgery this week.

Could you guide the surgeons' hands? Keep them steady. Fill those operating rooms with your angels. Fill Tricia and Margret with Your peace.

May they heal quickly. And painlessly.
Give their families an extra measure of wisdom and patience.
And may Your will be done.

And, God?
I have friends who need work. Meaningful, life-giving, suited-for-them work.
Jobs that are satisfying and meaningful.
Jobs that get them excited to get out of bed in the morning.
Jobs with co-workers and supervisors hand-picked by you, for them.
Jobs that will pay the bills and give them a measure of financial security.

You're probably all over this already. So. Carry on. And thanks.

Thank you for giving us the capacity to love and the longing to be intimate.
Thank you for brining together people who are committed to loving each other til the end of time. Thank you for marriages and families and weddings and brides and grooms and engagements and vows and expressions of love.

I pray that You would be close to those couples that are newly married. Give them patience and wisdom and laughter in abundance right now. Be with those who are in the midst of planning weddings. Give them extra measures of grace and insight.

And God?
Thank you for the conversations I've had lately with moms who have children with drug/alcohol addictions. Please give me wisdom when I open my mouth. Give them hope in their situations. Bring healing in their children's lives.

Bring friends and role models and sponsors alongside.
Prepare NA/AA communities for new members.

Thank you for catching us when we hit bottom. Thank you for providing us with a way to start over.

There are people I love who don't know You.
Could You tap them on the shoulder, or knock on their heart's door, or hit them upside the head or be all in their face? Be personal. And real. And undeniable.

Enable them to respond.

Bring friends, handpicked by You into their lives. Let there be boldness and love and truth in those relationships. Protect them from evil.

Bind evil so it can't wreck havoc. You've got the power. I pray that at the perfect time you will use it to bring these loved ones home.

Thank you for doctors and hospitals and medical care and surgeons and I pray especially for all friends who are dealing with scary diagnosis's, painful recoveries, uncertain futures, and devastating losses. Comfort and heal them, I pray.

May your will be done.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Summer evenings. I keep saying that, don't I?
2. Full moons.
3. Patio dining.
4. People who hold hands.


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