Friday, August 7, 2015

It just goes on and on and on...

Ever since my trip to emergency a few weeks ago, my arm has been tender. A few spots were even sore. And every once in awhile there were shooting pains. I kept checking for some indication that something was awry, but all was clear. No visible bruising or evidence that I'd been bitten by a poisonous spider or been the recipient of a vampire attack.

To be honest, the discomfort in my arm took a back seat to other issues going on. And seeing I was on Advil and Tylenol to help with owies in other body parts, I didn't pay much attention to my arm. After all, there's no internal organ in an arm.

But this weekend, I cut back on everything I was taking. And promptly got a bladder infection. So I went to the pharmacy and picked up my standing order for antibiotics.

And that's when I started paying attention to my arm, Pressing here. Then touching there. Applying pressure to this spot. Following the line of pain up to my armpit.

By this afternoon, I couldn't handle it any longer. I googled possible scenarios. It could be one of three things; a blood clot, an insect bite, or stomach cancer.

I kept having my talk with God. Should I go see a doctor? What if it was nothing? Like a strained muscle or something? Or a pinched nerve? Or a mosquito bite gone amiss. Was I wasting everyone's time?

Jenn talked me into getting it checked. So that it how it came to pass that I was in the walk-in clinic's public bathroom. (While I was at the clinic anyway, I thought I might as well get them to see if the antibiotics I had just finished up had really cleared things up. Because it sure didn't feel like it had. I still had bladder infection symptoms.)

After washing my hands with soap and cold water, I dried them quickly with a paper towel, which I then threw into the garbage can along with my (diamond) rings which slipped off my cold, slippery finger.

Do you know how disgusting it is to root around in the garbage can of a public washroom at a walk-in clinic? No?You have no experience participating in such an activity? It's about a 8 out of 10 on the disgust-o-meter.

After picking through the top layer of contents, I realized I needed plastic gloves on my hands as well as a mask for my mouth if I was going in deeper. I opened the bathroom door and mentioned my situation to the nurse who had been waiting RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR for my sample. Seeing she had gloves on, I asked her if she wouldn't mind digging for my gold.

She took over the mining expedition and found my treasure. Which I promptly disinfected.

Two hours in the waiting room had been boring. My two minutes in the bathroom were not.

By the time I saw the doctor, I was convinced he'd find nothing wrong with my arm. But something wrong with my bladder. Haha.

Sure enough, after poking and touching and rubbing and pressing, he agreed, there was a bump. It was sizaeble. And yes, he could appreciate the pain. But it wasn't a blood clot.  Nor was it an insect bite.And it wasn't gout. Or golf elbow. And he laughed at my mention of it being stomach cancer. He kept eliminating possibilities until he drew the conclusion that it was vein damage caused by the IV I was given before the CTScan.

I knew that IV hurt, Like, alot. Which is why I passed out when she ripped it out of my arm. I felt like I'd been stuck with a hot poker.

That settled, he then proceeded to show me the document on his computer screen outlining all they discovered from the sample I provided.

I suppose it could be fascinating, but I am just not interested. I am tired of this body.

I'm going to ask for an extension on summer. I feel like I haven't really started mine yet.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Doctors who figure things out.
2. BC Biomedical Labs and their ability to analyse and make recommendations for treatment.
3, Advil. Aspirin. Ice.Time.
4, A plethora of antibiotics options.
5.So thankful my rings didn't end up in the toilet.
6. Or slip down the sink's drain.
7. I had a book to read while I waited.
8. Canada's Medical system.
9. I had no plans for tonight anyway.


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