Sunday, October 25, 2015


Dear God,

Thank you for this place.
THIS place (the lake) and this place (Canada).

God, I pray that You would be at home in this cabin. That You would be well-pleased by the activities that take place here. That Your spirit would protect it against evil entering. I pray that this would be a haven of rest, a place of peace, a cottage of comforts, a home filled with joy and love for those who stay.

May the laughter, the tears and the prayers that are uttered here reach Your ears in heaven. And may they move You to respond.

Let this be a holy place.

Thank you for the fall. And the colours of this season.
And for seasons in general.
Although I'm not so much a fan of winter.

Thank you for crispy clean air.
And trees that drop their leaves.
And crunchy leaves on path beside creeks.
And thank you for sounds like crunch and rustle and whoosh.

Thank you for legs that move and feet that kick. For walkways that are safe.
And air that is fresh.

Thank you for time alone.
To ponder.
And remember.
And dream.
And plan.
And grieve.
And read.
And pray.
And hum.
And watch.
And pray.
And not clean.

Thank you for my life.
My kids.
My family.
My friends.
My job.
My living situation.
My circumstances.
My freedom.

I hope I'm not wasting it. Or being a bad steward of all that you've given me.
Can you give me wisdom when I need it? Even when I forget to ask for it?

Thank you for this country.
For democracy.
For elections.
For our leaders.
For those who will advise our leaders.
Thank you for the large group of people who are committed to praying for our leaders.
I join them in praying for young JT and the huge job he has ahead of him. I pray that You would surround him with a team of men and women who would seek Your will and ask for Your wisdom. I pray that no laws would be passed, no bills accepted or overthrown unless it is part of Your will. God, I pray Your will be done in on earth, specifically my corner of earth (Canada) as it is in heaven.

People I care about?
Are hurting.
Well. You know that.
You're at work behind the scenes, yes?
You've allowed this pain to happen for a reason, right?
You've got them wrapped up in Your arms, correct?
Even when they can't 'feel' You, You're on it. I know that.
In the end, I pray that You will use All This Pain for Your purposes.

Friends/family who are gutted by broken relationships - God grant them peace and healing.
Friends/family who have children who are struggling - God grant them patience and vision to see You at work.
Friends/family who are dealing with health issues - God grant them hope and wisdom as they lean on You for strength.
Friends/family who are afraid, give them courage.
Friends/family who are lost, direct their footsteps.
Friends/family who don't know you, open their eyes.
Friends/family who are taking on new challenges, help them to allocate their time wisely.
Friends/family who are Fed Up... help them to see things through Your eyes.
Friends/family who are grieving - comfort them.
Friends/family who need meaningful jobs, open doors of opportunity.

God, I pray for those who are in grip of addiction right now. As well as those who have relapsed but aching to be clean. God I pray You would provide them with friends to walk alongside. A sponsor/counsellor/mentor to help them process this disease, and an AA group who is supportive. Set them inside a community of like-minded individuals who give hope, and offer friendship with no judgement. Give them the strength and desire to stay sober. Calm their fears about a clean life.

For the families affected, God I pray You would grant them peace. It is hard to watch someone you love be a slave to alcohol or drugs. Bring healing to their homes, and use these circumstances for Your glory.

God, I thank You that You're ahead of us. By the time we get around to praying for something, You're already on it. You've got Your people in place. thankyouthankyouthankyou

And for those of us who don't know You?
Haha. Clobber us, will ya?
Don't let another day go by without us getting a profoundly personal tap on the shoulder from You. Enable us to respond.
Be so loud, so obvious, so undeniable, so real - that we are stopped in our tracks.

Have folks in place who'll love on us so hard that we are overcome.

Answer us when we call.
Hold us when we fall apart.
Love us when we're utterly unlovable.

Speak to us in the language we understand most... through music, creation, technology, science, relationships, crowds, noise, solitude, quiet ...

And I lift up the entertainment industry (movies, films, TV etc) to you with thanks for giving people those gifts and talents. THANKYOU. No really, thank you. Give those involved in it, wisdom, opportunities, success, fulfillment, and joy.

I pray for our churches and leaders - protect them from any evil plans Satan has cooking.
I pray for the family. The Family. For families in general. May You protect them too. Give those of us in families the wisdom to hold them together. Families are Your idea. Help us to have healthy, loving, growing, families.

I pray for those living in poverty, those being trafficked in the sex trade, those living in fear of eye-sis, those who've lost children or spouses, those who are struggling with depression, those who are unloved and forgotten. God I pray Your will be done in their lives.

Your will be done.
I pray all of this in the mighty power of Jesus' Holy name,
And amen.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. He listens.
2. He answers.
3. He is good.


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