Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Things I be thankful for:

1. Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday night with my kids. My Sunday looked like this:

  • packed my suitcase, then read til 2:30 am. 
  • Sandra's alarm went off at 3:45 am. Mine at 4 am.
  • By 4: 30 am, we were on our way to the airport.
  • 6:30 on the plane, in the air, on our way north.
  • 9:30 am - landed in Bellingham
  • By noon, I'd dropped Sandra off at her home and was doing some grocery shopping
  • Drew and Danica showed up at 3 pm while I was peeling potatoes for supper.
  • Ham and Scalloped Potatoes in oven at 4:00 pm
  • Max and Amy arrived at 5:30, just as supper was getting put on the table.
  • Clint arrived at 6:15 and warmed up his meal.
  • We talked about politics. All three kids have their own opinions. None were voting for the same party. There was no bloodshed over their differences, so I'm going to consider that a win. And seeing we were wading into difficult dinner conversation topics, we tossed religion in as well. 
  • Max and Amy left before 7. Drew and Danica left around 8. Clint stayed to talk until 9. 
  • I was asleep shortly after 10. 

2. Back to work this morning. I am thankful that I have a job. That I have this job. 

3. It's Election Day in Canada. We have a new Prime Minister. Thankful for our democratic system. Grateful that I had the privilege and opportunity to vote. It is now my duty and an honor to pray for our new leader. 

4. It was Book Club night. We discussed Orphan Train. And adoption. And the foster care system. And why wheat is bad for you. And why some of are saving boxes and boxes and boxes of mementos from our past. And so on. 


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September said...

Welcome home! I hope you go back soon so you can eat at BBQ Joe's!

I feel that same sense of my duty to pray for our prime minister and government. I've never felt that before. Guess I'm growing up.

I read a Prayer book last week by Paul E Miller and he is a huge fan of using prayer cards. I'm going to start doing it, and will include a card for our government. The whole thing reminded me of you and your lists and post its of people to pray for. I admire your heart for prayer. You should read The Power of One Christlike Like by Francis Frangipane. I think it would resonate with you and I see that in you, praying and pouring out for your family, friends, workplace, world.