Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remembrance Eve

In my defence, I did extend an invitation to a number of people, all who declined due to previous plans. So it is with guilt-free giddy joy that I find myself alone at the lake.

My first evening alone, with no agenda, in weeks.

My set up?

I plan on utilizing All The Table Space:

First I set up some coloring supplies. Thus far, I've only used felt pens in my book, but have noticed that alot of people  OK, women, have been using pencil crayons. So I thought I'd do a page using  the blue and green ones only.

Had to make a chart first.
Because I'm like that.
Someone loves that about me.
He hasn't met me yet, but I'm sure he'll find that adorable.

It's going to be a she.
My granddaughter.
She'll love coloring with her daddy's mom.

Over to the left, is a red and white pile of awesome goodness:

Christmas cards!

(Traditionally, in the past, this was the day I started signing Christmas Cards.)
My new tradition is to sign them sometime during the 12 months before or after Dec 25 and send them 5 years later.)

(Years ago, I would link to the post where I share how I sent out Christmas cards 5 years and 4 months late. Because years ago I would have remembered the title of that post ....

This blog has that "search" feature. Wait a sec. I'll see if I can find it...

Here it is. 

That was worth the effort.

Pile of books and boxes of cards.

I didn't plan for it all to be colour coordinated, but there you have it. Just a lovely assortment of candy cane coloured paper products.

Oh, and what's just behind that pile of books? At the end of the table?

Sustenance to keep my energy up.

Very handy.

And then to the right of my colouring book is my laptop along with two external hard drives. I hope to organize my photo files and move everything over to the new small hard drive. Even everything on my old one. Ambitious, I know. I probably won't get it done.

But I have good intentions right now.

I will also pop in a movie to watch.

Usually I'm OK with silence, but the wind is blowing, causing a door or shutter or coffin or something hinged downstairs to bang and it's unnerving me. So I'll put one of the above in to have some background noise around here.


And yes, I know. I am blessed.
I try not to take this for granted.

But I probably do.

Thank you, God. For all this. And for loving me.
And thank you veterans of previous wars for fighting for freedom.
I am grateful for your sacrifices.

Three things I am thankful for:

1. Two Mondays and two Fridays this week. Wednesdays off are delightful.
2. Technology
3. Colour
4. Tuna casserole
5. Smarties
6. Transitioning seasons


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