Friday, November 13, 2015


On Saturday night at church we heard from a fella who works for International Justice Mission and he talked about sex trafficking and slavery in other parts of the world.

Sex trafficking? Is the worst kind of evil, no? Selling young girls to men ... (HOW IS IT THAT THERE IS A MARKET FOR THIS? I feel like throwing up just thinking about the number and type of men who are buying young girls/women for their 'needs'.)

What type of man goes on a vacation to Thailand with the intent of having sex with a drugged out teenager? WHO?

I read this.
In the Vancouver Sun.


"The case of Reza Moazami is unique. Never in Canada has a prostitution-related case involved so many victims who were so young and so egregiously treated by a pimp. 

The 30 year old Iranian-born Moazami preyed on the vulnerable.

They came from dysfunctional families. Some had been abused as children. Some were in foster care. All were addicted or quickly became addicted after being coerced into prostitution by Moazami.

He promised them whatever they needed most — love or drugs — along with a glamorous lifestyle. They got little of that.
He tarted them up, photographed them and then advertised them as adults, not the girls that they were. He paraded them at popular bars, sold their services to grooms and their fathers at bachelor parties and to businessmen from Dubai at the Shangri-La Hotel.

He worked them hard, forcing them to service up to 11 men a day. 

When they weren’t working, the girls were virtual prisoners on electronic leashes kept in line with threats and violence. Moazami raped and sodomized several of them. He knocked one unconscious, and a few hours later choked her until she lost consciousness. On another occasion, he cut her throat with a knife. 

He is only a single pimp — one of many. Prosecutors and police hope those others might take a warning from the lengthy sentence.
But, maybe more importantly, those who buy sexual services might reconsider what they’re doing.

Moazami advertised all of “his” girls as adults and as “independent”.
But the truth was that two were 14; only one was an adult. And, not a single one was free."

The pimp? Was one evil man.
But for every girl, there were hundreds of men who bought their services.

Who are these men? They're grooms and their dads at bachelor parties? They are visiting businessmen? They are men with jobs and men with money. They are men with families. Men with wives and daughters.


I don't know.
What is our response?

Besides pray, obvs.


Three things to pray for:

1. God's will be done to the pimps.
2. God's will be done to the johns.
3. God's will be done to the girls.


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September said...

I don't know how God can look at what happens in our world and not fall apart. We have such easy lives compared to so many others. I read this while standing in line at Starbucks and it makes me sad. I wonder how the men live with themselves.