Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thinking of K, J, R, M, C, L, L, P, B, C, S, G, J

Dear God.

Your will be done.

Your will be done.


Today. Right now.

These folks are struggling with addiction and You totally already know that. And You are so on it. I am thankful that You have gone ahead and are putting sponsors, mentors, friends and counsellors in place to walk alongside. Thank you. Thank you. You are preparing places in NA or AA communities, in rehab facilities. in recovery houses, in detox centers, in health facilities for the people I care about. Thank you.

Please stir their hearts and minds with a desire to get clean/sober. Open their eyes and enable them to see clearly the impact that their addiction is having on their relationships, their health, their future, their children, their jobs, their reputations...  God if they have to hit bottom, or lose something precious, please allow that to happen according to Your will. Have Your handpicked team ready to be mobilized when they cry out for help.

Give them strength and courage to give up the drugs, pot or alcohol. Give their families wisdom and patience. Provide their friends with insight and loyalty.

God? Don't stop pursuing them. Call, whisper, knock on their heart's doors, protect their minds and bodies, surround them with people of Your choosing, place Your angels on their roofs and in the doorways, remind them of things they've forgotten to be true, provide them with a vision for a new life, hold their hands as they stumble, speak to them while they sleep, let them hear Your truth in the music they listen to, the internet sites they visit, the articles they read, the conversations they are apart of. USE ALL OF CREATION TO GET THEIR ATTENTION. You know the issues, the pain, the struggles and the lies that brought them to this place. Please work on healing all the hurts.

God? Your will be done. Right now. In Canada. In the US. In Europe.
Please don't get weary calling, caring, loving, holding, protecting, and healing them.

I pray these things in the powerful, Holy name of Jesus,

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