Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just a List

  • Let them know you care.
  • Are your eyes working today? Can you see? Celebrate THAT.
  • Randomly put quarters in bubble gum machines. Make some kid's day.
  • Take a photo of the contents of your wallet. 
  • Christmas is just a day. Its not the end of the world if yours sucks. 
  • Forgive 'em. And then do it again.
  • Buy yourself some new socks already. 
  • Sit in a different spot next time. Choose that chair instead.
  • Just do it. It's not going to disappear off your To Do list so quit whining and get er done.
  • Have an apple. 
  • Use lotion. 
  • Throw it out. 
  • Ask them. You won't know otherwise.
  • Drop a tradition. Pick up a new one.
  • Crying isn't a bad activity. 
  • You can totally pray about that thing. He's waiting for you to. 
  • If you can? Hold hands. 
  • Try. At least once. 
  • Take Vitamin D this winter.
  • Is it time to get new pillows? 
  • Fear is shitty. Don't let it paralyse you.
  • Budgeting probably isn't bad thing. 
  • Quit it. You know what. 


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