Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Currently - November 2015

Things I am currently:

Obsessing over,
Working on, 
Thinking about, 
Listening to,
Praying for,
Remembering, Happy about.  

1. I am currently obsessing over:
  • Christmas. (What else.) Seems that's what all conversations start with these days... "So, what will Christmas look like for you this year?" "What're your Christmas plans?" "You hosting Christmas this year?" etc. Sigh. I will be glad when it's over and not the focus of all our energies. Whoa. I sound scrooge-ish. 
  • Still praying like a madman for "my ten" - but have added a few extras. So it's more like "my fifteen" right now. Haha. I bet some of them aren't thrilled about me meddling in their life this way. 
  • My skin. I just had a facial; bought a package from the neighbourhood spa months ago, and finally got around to using it tonight. Squeaked it in on the last day of November... (it was on my To Do list for this month.) Check that off. I was a little nervous about the whole getting naked so that someone can wash and moisturise your face bit. But I went ahead anyway. And it was mostly lovely. Lots of fluids get massaged into your face and then removed with hot cloths. And while the masks harden, your arms, then legs, get massaged. It wasn't until the very end, when she says, "please get dressed. I'll meet you in the lounge. We need to talk," that things went sideways for me. Apparently it's an absolute miracle that my face still has skin on it. I 'need' some products. Stat. I absolutely should not leave without making a purchase. For $500, (now, and again every month for the rest of my life) I may be able to reverse the very visible signs of ageing. Really? I need to consider taking on a second job in my free time in order to look like I'm 50? Sigh. What if I don't? What then? How wrinkled and dried out and oily and in need of exfoliating will I be? WHAT? I am going to be a mess forever and ever amen? Sigh.

2. I am working on:
  • I just looked back at last month. What was I working on then? Getting appointments lined up. OKFINE. No dentist. No eye doctor. But yes to the mammogram. So, yay me. I was working on posting work out routines to my pinterest board last month. TODAY? I looked into joining a gym. Online. I was doing online research. Because you can't just jump into these things. One must consider all the options. Carefully. So, research. 
  • I am working on getting an extra hour of sleep. I tend to get it right after I've eaten supper. 
  • I am working on a few new things at work. Like reading through some management books. 
3. I am thinking about:
  • Vacations in 2016. I would like to go to sunny places where it will be sunny on the days I am there. Or maybe I should do a missions/service type trip instead? Or do stay-cations instead? Or use my vacation dollar to join a gym and buy face products?
  • I'm thinking about people who are hurting. These days it feels like everyone is. 
  • I'm thinking about how much I love text messages and instant messages and direct messages and private messages. 
  • I'm thinking about winter. And how it hasn't started yet, but I'm counting down til Spring already.
  • I'm thinking about my boys. And how proud I am of them. 
  • I am thinking about the end of my life. And what I want to hear, and who I want to hear it from. 
  • I am thinking about answered prayer. And how it rarely looks like what you'd expect. And that's such a good thing.
4. I am anticipating:
  • sitting in Danica's hairdressing salon and letting her do things to my hair on Thursday
  • attending the staff Christmas dinner
  • getting my Black Friday purchase; an iPhone 6. (My 4 is barely functioning these days.)
  • being uptight about Christmas until it's over and then being all, like, 'that was good'.
  • seeing Star Wars with most of my kids this month
  • making a few more plans because frankly, this looks pathetic. 
5. I am listening to:
  • nothing new this month. I am very open to suggestions. What're you listening to? Probably Adele saying "Hello", yes? 
6. I am eating:
  • New foods I tried this month? Lobster mac and cheese and It Was Delicious. 
  • Also, whipped cream cheese with cinnamon. Seriously good. 
  • Nope, did not try anything healthy. Maybe in December. 
7. I am praying for:

  • Victims and families involved in today's mass shooting. Has the world gone mad?
  • Folks, friends, and family who are undertaking to make a change in their lives. 
  • Women in abusive marriages.
  • Friends with cancer.
  • Folks who're grieving the end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one.
  • People who need meaningful work.
  • Wisdom for myself.
  • I am praying for Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 26, Dec 31, and Jan 1. May His will be done in the homes where the situation is messy, hard, lonely, or sad. 

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September said...

This was a really nice edition of Currently. Several things resonated with me, like how it seems like a lot of folks are hurting right now. I've been noticing that lately too, and I wonder if it's just because I'm not hurting as much as I used to so now I see things I didn't when I was so inward focused.
Want a music recommendation? Justin Bieber. I'm not even kidding. I've been pondering his new cd: no cuss words, content is generally not sleazy, there's a song about having purpose and a rap about how God doesn't disappoint us so we should get recognition from him and give it back...compared to the drivel that those in his age group put out to mark their transition into adulthood (explicit rated songs, graphic content, slutty photos) he has done well. I read online that he's had some contact with preachers in Australia that seems to have affected him. I think I'm going to start a prayer card for him. He has a lot of influence and it takes so much character to be different. ANYWAYS.
I sure liked this post.
Have a super Monday!