Sunday, November 29, 2015

And the Christmas Season Officially Begins Today

First Sunday of Advent = Traditional OBros Bake Off:

Drew is first up to bat, rolling out the dough I prepared in the morning (with yeast) (so it needed a few hours to rise):

These two? Are old pro's at this.

Meanwhile, Clint was carving up a ham while frying 100 pounds of lean ground beef:

And Amy n Max chopped and diced vegies:

Then they took a turn rolling out dough for Eis Gipfel:

Amy spread the butter with a butter knife as instructed, perfectly.
Max assisted. By using his Save On more card.

Big and lil bro, still slicing and dicing. Those pots on the stove behind Clint?
Triple batch of spaghetti meat sauce. Quadruple batch of vegetable beef soup. Two pots of ham n cauliflower soup. And in the crock pot a triple batch of beef stew.

Everyone left with 3 ice-cream buckets of soups and stews as well as a platter of baked goods.

One group shot before they all left.

"Wait. Someone should put their arm around Clint so he doesn't feel left out.... Amy?" says Drew.

Awkward pause.



Happy Advent from my house to yours.

Advent is that time before Christmas where we prepare our hearts and homes for December 25.
Whatever yours looks like, I hope there is some joy, some love, and some  peace for you in the coming weeks.

Three things I'm thankful for: 

1. Today turned out just fine in the end. After Friday night's melt down (O the Sobbing) which eased up on Saturday ... and wait...but can I just say something here? Don't get your face threaded the day after A Great Sadness because with each hair that is ripped out, a tiny tear forms in the back of your brain. And when you sit up after its over, they all leak out. Horrifically embarrassing. She was great though. Kept telling me I had beautiful blonde hair... and pretty eyes. Haha. ANYWAY - no tears or lingering sadness today. So yay for emotions not lasting forever.

2. Thankful for kids who show up and do this. Yes, I know I'm very lucky.

3. I have meals for the next two weeks all looked after.


If my boys are the Obros  - and I am their mom... then I am TheOBroMa?

(Thanks, Kim, for the photo.)

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