Sunday, January 3, 2016

A List of Things. All Random.

This list was started on Dec 31.

1. Sometimes you just can't pray.
2. God hears anyway.

3. These past few days have been stunningly beautiful. I have ached to be outside.
4. I've been sitting at my desk in my office, working all week during the daylight hours.

5. It's New Year's Eve.
6. I am about as much a fan of this day as I am of Christmas Day.

7. My dad died in 2015.
8. Drew and Danica got engaged in 2015.
9. Both events caused me to have many feels.

10. Deciding what to watch on Netflix is a time consuming activity.
11. I binge watched Nashville tonight.
12. Don't judge me.

13. I can't decide if I should make a list of things to do in 2016.
14. Do I even know how to move forward without a list?

And then I clicked over to my 101 Things To Do in 1,001 Days list and updated it.
Allowed myself to feel a smidgeon of pride that I have actually completed 24 items on that list this past year. "Yay me," she says with an imaginary sparkler in her hand.

For those of you who find clicking links just too onerous, I've copied and pasted it here:
You are so very welcome.

1Explore the option of using the equipment at the local community centre's gym,
2No bread/buns for 30 days (Jan 2016)
3Deal with dental issues in 2016
4In addition to family and friends, pray intentionally, for one year, for a political leader, an organization, a stranger, a singer, a writer, an actor, a convict, a random famous person, a world event
5Be better at posting "Three Things I'm Thankful for" ... aim for 5 times a week.
6See Donny and Marie in Vegas
7Become a mother-in-law. Don't be a sucky one
8Replace door and locks on cabin.
9See Rend Collective in concert. (Passion concert?)
10Update birthday book/calendar with special dates
11Read 3 Management/Business books in 2016
12Be more intentional about reading the Bible. I mean, come ON.
13Prepare a budget for 2016. Then completely ignore it as opportunities to do fun things surface.
14Get a library card. Use it often. Or not. Just keep buying books as if money grows on trees.
15Host a Let's Make a Difference party
16Get rid of 200 Things. Like for serious. And don't just dump it in the garbage. Someone else may want/love it?
17Set aside the 1st day of each month to fast in 2016
18Get eyes checked. By a doctor who knows these things. Deal with the results in a mature fashion
19Walk a half marathon with Andrea
20Go to spa/have a facial
21Send a thank you card every Friday in 2016.
22Host craft weekend at lake. Probably do this more than once.
23Leave 100 comments on random instagram photos in January 2016
24Make a new friend. Preferably one that is single. Lives in Vancouver. And likes watching fireworks on New Year's Eve
25Finish/Print 2015 Photo Book
26Finish/Print 2014 Photo Book. Be amazed how spectacular the year was.
27Host a Nora Ephron movie-thon weekend at lake
28Donate blood
29Visit Vern in Winnipeg
30Attend a spoken word event
31Walk across the Cambie Street Bridge
32Walk across the Port Mann Bridge
33Renew passport
34No fast food lunches for a month
35Take a dance lesson
36Submit an article to a publication
37Organize/Sort through 25 boxes. If possible, get rid of contents.
38Organize/Sort through 25 more boxes
39Via dye or extensions, add a bright colour to my hair
40Explore laser eye surgery
41Vacation in Europe. (Visit cousins?) Destination and companions to be determined
42Attend Symphony
43See Fleetwood Mac live
44Attend/Volunteer at Vancouver Film Festival
45Sign up for Be awesome. Get married
46Pay for someone's order behind me in a Starbucks or Tim Horton drive through line
47Memorize a passage of scripture
48Get rid of 100 things
49Write a Production Manual for work
50Figure out a way to have music in my basement
51Pacific Northwest weekend road trip
52Make one recipe off Yum board on Pinterest
53Add all book club book selections to Pages board on Pinterest
54Write 4 letters to each of my Compassion children in 2016
55Walk around Barnston Island
56Visit/Explore Othello Mines
57Attend a play at Pacific Theatre
58Attend a play at Arts Club Theatre
59Do a 24 hour read-a-thon in 2015 at the lake
60Buy ten $5 gift cards to Tim Hortons. Keep in purse. Hand them out to people in need.
61Go to bed by midnight 10 nights in a row
62Write a random note of encouragement. Put it in a book at a bookstore
63Plan an evening where I place pre-written encouraging post it notes in random public spaces
64Try geocaching
65Invest house money
66Remove 2013 and 2014 photos from laptop
67Get a makeup make over
68Buy new bed(s) for cabin
69Get outdoor patio lighting for cabin
70Improve landscaping at cabin
71Lose 10 pounds
72Pray for the entire world via:
73Watch/Recommend one TED video everyday for a month
74Give blood again
75Lose an additional 10 pounds
76Go chocolate-less for 30 consecutive days
77Participate in Lent in a meaningful way
78First Advent Sunday- with OBoys
79Find local eyebrow threader
80Enjoy a beverage at an outdoor cafe in Paris facing west in the late afternoon while reading a book of poetry wearing bifocal reading sunglasses and a cotton floral summer frock
81Watch 5 documentaries on netflix
82Attend a concert at Red Rock in Colorado
83Follow 25 new photographers on Instagram
84New York. With friends
85Northern Lights with Oboys
86Organize office at work - get a bookshelf/cabinet
87See Cirque du Soleil
88Replace all the contents in my top dresser drawer
89Attend a stand-up comedian's show
90Do a prayer walk around my kids' neighbourhoods
91Complete an athletic challange
92Visit Tricia in North Carolina
93Attend an Anne Lamott book reading event
94Finish reading Outlander series
95Lose another ten pounds
96Hold a newborn
97Follow through on HONY/Story of My Life project idea
98Replace phone with newer model in 2016
99Help mom clean out Christmas Closets
100Move all boxes from garage to basement
101Go dancing


Always with the lists.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. There is only one New Year's Eve per year.
2. He even hears unspoken, not fully developed prayers. In advance.
3. Glimpses of great love.



Tricia said...

Number 92! Number 92!

Unknown said...

Number is not worth it. Tried it, hated it. Good luck.

September said...

I love your list! It inspires me!
Happy 2016 Jane!