Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Feels

(This post was started on Dec 20. I'm still catching up with unfinished posts.)

Danica's parents were at one end of the table and I was at the other. All our children were between us, with their end of the table decidedly more feminine.

We were taking our kids to see Star Wars and decided to grab a bite to eat together, first.

Max and Amy had seen it on Thursday night and he was chatting about how emotional he was while watching it. He may have mentioned the fighting back of tears.

Me: Really? Shoot. I'm not prepared for that. I never think of Star Wars plots as ones that move me to cry.

Him: It's not that. It's not the storyline. It's just the emotions that come with this movie. For some reason it just transported me right back to my childhood and next thing you know I'm thinking about Jordan's birthday party and we're all jedi's and I'm ObiWan and well...

Clint: I've heard other guys say the same thing... About the memories.

Me: Hmmmm

SO even with this foreshadowing-type conversation I WAS ILL-PREPARED for The Feels that washed over me as the opening crawl and theme music played.


My eyes started prickling in two seconds.
I had Clint and Max on either side of me and All The Memories associated with Star Wars came whooshing back. How I saw the first one, when it was originally released back when the pilgrims were arriving on the shores of the new land, with my boyfriend at a drive-in theatre. And how it became A Thing with my boys when episodes 1, 2 and 3 were released... we always went on opening weekend together. The Star Wars toys. The VHS collection. The characters. Yoda.

And that is the power of film. Of movies. Of shared memories. Of the magic created by actors/directors/costume makers/set designers/story tellers. That's the power of music and scrolling text.

And I'm grateful.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Memories - especially the shared, good ones.
2. The whole entertainment industry. I will never stop supporting it with my money or my prayers.
3. Evenings exactly like this one.


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