Sunday, January 3, 2016

Currently. December 2015.

Things I am currently:

Obsessing over,
Working on, 
Thinking about, 
Listening to,
Praying for,
Remembering, Happy about.  


1. I am currently obsessing over:

  • an upcoming event, like in about 10 months, where I will need to be relaxed and friendly and OK with how I look. 
  • things out of my control.
  • finishing up blog posts that I started in December and never completed.
  • ending my obsession about Northern England and it's inhabitants. 

2. I am working on:
  • my List
  • my obsessions.
  • my colouring book.
  • my attitude.
  • being more realistic and less day dreamy.
3. I am thinking about:
  • my office at work and how I did not do ANY filing between Christmas and New Year's and how I am now behind 6 months. And what I loser I am that I don't JUST DO IT already. 
  • 2015 
  • how cold toilet seats are in unheated cabins
  • which relationships are getting the bulk of my time and energy
  • Nashville and how I should sit in front of the TV again for a few hours. 
  • this place. (The lake.) And how I love being here all by myself. 

4. I am anticipating:
  • A super fun day on Monday. (Jan 4) I'm taking the day off work. 
  • Another amazing staycation day in Vancouver with Heather at the end of the month. Including another Public Salon evening.
  • An Outlander weekend at the lake wi my Outlander peeps.
  • A month with no bread. Buns. Bagels. Joy. (Haha.)
  • Maybe no chocolate? We'll see. 
  • More walks, as long as the weather cooperates. 
  • Conversations about weddings.

5. I am listening to: 

6. I am eating:

  • I DID try some beets this month. Haha. Just a taste. Clint shared a sliver with me; they tasted exactly as I expected they would. 
  • That's it. Don't think I tried anything new other than that. I am so not adventurous with food. 
7. I am praying for:
  • Drew and Danica as they plan their wedding and celebrate being engaged. Praying that as they seek His will first, all the other pieces fall into place. May God grant them wisdom, friends to walk alongside, family to support, patience to wait on His timing, and a deepening love for each other.
  • Drew and Danica's families. This is the first wedding for all of us; praying that we'll do it well. 
  • Friends who are grieving the loss of husbands through divorce. 
  • Folks who are grieving the loss of family members through death.
  • People I love who are hurting. 
  • Friends and their families who are impacted by addiction. 
  • NA and AA communities. 
  • The Door.
  • A political leader, an organization, a stranger, a singer, a writer, an actor, a convict, a random famous person, a world event.
  • My mom. Tis her birthday. 
  • My kids.
  • Their friends.
  • My friends.
  • Their kids.
  • Me. I got some things that I need help with. 

8. I am reading:
  • Hahaha. TOOK Friggen forever, but I finally finished book 8 of Outlander. Worthwhile. A satisfying read.
  • Re-read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Probably good timing for me to read this. 
  • Looking forward to getting into the books the kids got me for Christmas. 
9. I am remembering/happy about 2015. 
  • January:
Will finish this later. Need to leave the cabin now and head home.

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