Sunday, January 24, 2016

Babies, Brides and Broken Hearts

Dear God,


Such a week.

Thanks for listening to me go on and on about everything. It's just that sometimes it's overwhelming, y'know?

Some things are just so good. Like young love, new love, fresh love, the hope of love, the joys of love...
Thank you for creating us to be loving and beloved. Thank you that I can watch it unfold around me.

Thanks for Drew and Danica, their love for You and for each other. And the way that spills over into my life.

Thanks for providing the perfect venue on their exact hoped-for date. Thank You for allowing me the joy of seeing her in her dress when she knew it was The One.

God, I pray for Your continued guidance as plans move forward. Give Drew and Danica wisdom as they check items off their To Do list. Surround them with friends who love them. Provide them will wise mentors. Help them with budget concerns. Enable them to experience great joy during this engagement period.


But God?

There are a whole lot of people who are aching with broken hearts and fractured lives right now. SO much pain. Like, so much. Well, you already know that.

Can You hug them? Just wrap them in Your presence and comfort them in a mighty way? Whisper words of hope to them. Allow them to sleep in peace at night. Find ways to let them know that You know. You understand. You ache too.

And could you give them hope? Hope that it won't always hurt this bad. Hope that there will be joy and reasons to laugh again, in their future.

In the meantime, I pray for peace. Peace in their hearts and minds. Peace from knowing that You're on it. Peace from knowing that You are able. Peace that allows them to sleep.


And thank you God for the softness of new life.
People are having babies. Haha. Even though we've got a messed up world, with wars and refugees and global warming and world poverty and So Many Bad Men Doing Vile Things  - people are still having babies.

Thank you for the hope that accompanies each new life.

God I pray for the parents of these youngin's. Give them wisdom. And truckloads of patience. And I pray they would lean on you first, then each other, always, as they grow their families. Build around them communities that care for each other. God I pray that there would be much help available to them. I pray for their health, their homes, and their happiness.

Thank you for this generation of grandparents. Thank you for their unconditional love for this new branch on their family trees. Give them Herculean energy to be caregivers, or babysitters, or weekend overnight warriors, or whatever You've called them to be in their little ones' lives. Pour wisdom over them, liberally. They are role models for their families; help them be examples of what it means to be a follower of You. Reveal Yourself through them.

Thank you that I can watch and learn from them all.



Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Brides
2. Babies
3. The Healer of Broken Hearts.


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