Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Blue Monday?

If this is supposed to be a tough Monday, mine certainly wasn't.

I took a late lunch today in order to meet Danica and all her girls/mom at a bridal shop where she was making her final decision.

I arrived just as she came out of the fitting room wearing The Dress.

She looked happy. Like, so very, utterly and completely happy.

And then she started to cry.
So, so did I.

She knew she was wearing The Dress she was going to get married in.
And I felt so very lucky to be included in this moment.

Drew has fallen in love with, and marrying, a wonderful young woman. She just glows and bubbles joy.

And she's OK with me taking pics of everything she does lately. Haha.

I obvs won't share today's pics here... they were all for her, privately, so that she can remember what her dress looks like. But I will crop out all the wedding finery and just share her face.

Because a picture says a thousand words...

I was there for 40 minutes, and this smile (or a version of it), never left her face once.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The honour and privilege it was to watch Danica try on, then choose a wedding dress.
2. The Book Club that I'm a part of. I just love talking about books. And life. And stuff.

And this?
Is an exceptional book.
I highly recommend it.

3. And thirdly, I'm thankful for an unexpected travel opportunity/invitation that came my way today.


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