Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Day in Vancouver, BC

December 25 was a beautiful day.

And I was not going to waste it sitting inside.

So I took my camera and my crabby face and went into Vancouver.

I walked the seawall for a few hours and smiled now and then.

(Know what? This pic, above? Is what Vancouver looked like when I arrived. There are no filters, no 'spot' colour on a black n white pic. THIS IS EXACTLY what my eye saw. Cool, eh? The city looked so amazing that afternoon.)

(Same with the one above.)

After I crossed over the Cambie Street Bridge, I stopped for a few minutes in a small park to 'set a spell' on a bench.

And then a Christmas Miracle happened.


Meet Mandi.

She's a dog.


She is standing right beside me.

Like, RIGHT beside me. Leaning on my leg actually.

Resting her head on my thigh.

Neither of us moved.


No one was more surprised than me.

Well, maybe Mandi's owner was a little shocked too. Apparently this was unusual behaviour for that ol' mutt.

Haha. He had no idea how bizarre it was for me too.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I live in a stunning corner of the world.
2. I am blessed.
3. Christmas is more than coma inducing turkey dinners, awkward gift exchanges, cleverly placed mistletoe, festive bright lights, and family gatherings rich with warm fuzzy feelings. Thankful for Jesus.

Shalom friends,

Also thankful for a late night Christmas walks with Mandi:


Tricia said...

Those city pics...stunning. I hope to see this beautiful city, in person one day.

Unknown said...

Those photos are awesome, Janey. Thanks for sharing the city on such a quiet day! Love it when everything is quiet.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!