Friday, January 8, 2016

Bits n Pieces

Random stuff:

Is what the temperature is at the cabin right now.

I know this because it's an app on my phone.
My favorite app at the moment.



This is the Christmas card I sent out a couple years ago.

This is the Christmas card my mom gave out this year:

This is the Christmas card that Danica gave out this year:

Love how we all have the same taste in Christmas cards. 


I finally spent an evening cleaning up the pile of paper on, in, and under my desk and haha. Not surprisingly, I discovered a (nother) batch of signed, sealed, not-addressed, unsent greeting cards.
I'm not sure if they're birthday cards, Christmas cards, or thinking-of-you cards. 

Also in that pile of mail was a cheque.
I guess a mistake had been made on my insurance fees back in '08? 
And so they were paying me back.
With interest. 

This is unopened mail from November.
I suck at mail-opening. 


Isn't this awesome?
Twas a Christmas gift from Danica's mom and dad. 
(Her dad made it.)
I know!
Another "Bups" in the family. 

I love it.


I used to have a Doodle Art poster on the table at the lake. 
Anyone that wanted to doodle was free to do so.

All the posters got finished, so now my colouring book is there.

And someone other than me, but someone I gave birth to, has been colouring. 
When I got to the lake and saw this, I just smiled. 


How would you fill in the blanks?

Embrace: My new daughter-in-law and everything she brings to my family. 

Engage: in conversations that matter. 

Be: intentionally more active. 

Believe: He's on it. 

Break: the habit of staying up til 2 am. 

Daily: Ask that His will be done. 

Do: Eat a salad every day. 

Let go: of feeling that I am less than. 

Learn: a new thing every month this year. 

Live: with a feeling of thankfulness. 

Give: words of affirmation to friends on their birthdays. 

Grow: flowers on my windowsill.


This is the book I'm currently reading.
Cinderella as a cyborg.

I am accessing my inner 15 year old.


Someone created a killer To Do List for 2016:

Check it out. 


Are you doing an After Christmas clean up at your place too?
Getting rid of things?

Here's a great list of 200 things to get rid of.


Did you know that Justin Trudeau did the Alpha Course a few years ago?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Blue skies.
2. Towels warm from the dryer.
3. Japanese food.

(We celebrated my mom's 76th bday last weekend at Katana's. So delish.)

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