Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wedding Advice?

What was your favorite part of your wedding? Your child's wedding?
What would you highly recommend re: venue, meals, ceremony, clothes, photography, timelines, etc?

Any and all thoughts gratefully accepted here and on Facebook. (Or twitter if your answer is less than 140 characters.)

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September said...

When my sister got married we wanted to avoid a teary welcome to the family for her lovely husband. So my mom, dad, sister and I each gave him a gift that symbolized something he was going to need and we explained why as we gave them.
Dad gave him a case of motor oil for her Honda that constantly guzzled oil.
Mom gave him a roll of loonies because we would always buy the Saturday paper to work on the crossword.
My sister gave him a shallow pan for making Saturday morning poached eggs, which was tradition at our house.
I gave him a backpack with granola bars, puzzle books etc because Heather likes shopping and it would keep him occupied at the mall.
It was fun, no family isn't the emotional kind (just me!)
I remember that Clint has a list of things he wants to do over his lifetime (I only remember galloping on camels being chased in the dessert and throwing a television off a high rise, but maybe I'm wrong?) so if Drew has a similar list you could prep some of the items needed for his hoped for adventures?