Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

It's noon,
and I'm in bed.
At the lake.
With the window open,
listening to the rain.

When you write it out that way, it looks like a poem.
But it's not.

It's just short sentences.

Wait a minute, maybe I'll s t r e t c h myself and see if I can make it a poem.

It's noon-ing
I'm in bed.
Not spooning.

I'm at the lake,
thinking of cake.

The window is open,
It is raining.
I am not complaining.

I love the sound it makes.

I should go
bake cupcakes.

Oh wait.
I should not.
A wedding is coming.
A dress must be bought.

I like eating
things that are not kale.
I should diet.
Ha. I'd fail.

It's I Love You day -
the 14th of Feb
Which is why I'm alone
at the lake, in bed.


Happy Valentine's Day, friends.

Today is not about romance and grand sweeping declarations of affection.
It's about love.

So go, love on those you care about most.

Or if they're busy, stay in bed and write poems.


From A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie

A morning prayer for the 14th day of the month:
In fancy English because it was written in 1949 in Scotland where they talked to God like this:

O God of mercy, 
Grant that my part in the world's life today may not be to obscure the splendor of Thy presence but rather to make it more plainly visible to the eyes of my fellow man.

Let me stand today -
for whatever is pure and true and just and good;
for the advancement of science and education and true learning;
for the redemption of daily business from the blight of self seeking;
for the rights of the weak and the oppressed;
for industrial cooperation and mutual help;
for the conservation of the rich traditions of the past;
for the recognition of new workings of Thy Spirit in the minds of men of my own time;
for the hope of yet more glorious days to come.

Today, O Lord,
let me put right before interest;
let me put others before self;
let me put the things of the spirit before the things of the body;
let me put the attainment of noble ends above the enjoyment of present pleasures,
let me put principle above reputation;
let me put Thee above all else.

O thou the reflection of who transcendent glory did once appear unbroken in the face of Jesus Christ, give me today a heart like His - a brave heart, a true heart, a tender heart, a heart with great room in it, a heart fixed on Thyself; for His name's sake. Amen. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. If I can't be happily married, then I'm OK with Plan B; being happily single.
2. I'm thankful that I get to love people.
3. Tomorrow is ANOTHER Family Day in Canada. So we who focus on families get another Monday off to celebrate.

Shalom, friends.

Got a Valentine message today from someone who really loves me. Oh Facebook, even though I've been flirting with Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, you are my first social media love.
Twit, Insta, Pin and I are just friends. Honest.

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September said...

I spent Valentine's Day binge watching Schitt's Creek. I've had worse!