Saturday, February 13, 2016

Because we Focus on families...

The rest of Canada will be celebrating families this weekend, with Monday being Family Day in every other province except BC. But because we focus on families, we are getting a long weekend too! You just wish you worked with me, don't you?

So, yay!

I am ready for another Monday off. Haha.
What a cow I am.


It's been a colourful week, starting with last Monday at the lake:

On Tuesday, I went straight from work to Terry's house.
Her and I, in the olden days, used to walk in her hood every day. I'd stop by her place before heading out to the three separate schools to pick up and drop off an assortment of boys from each. First stop was the middle school to pick up Max, Nate and Jon. Then over to the elementary school to pick up Drew and Matt. Then over to the P's to drop off Jon, then over to the R's to drop off Nate and Matt and pick up Clint. Then over to the pool for swimming lessons, or the dentist, or Bunsmaster, or Safeway or Billie's...

ANYWAY, it's been years since her and I have walked.
So Tuesday we did.

This was my 'drive by shooting' as I left work. Passenger window open, eyes on the road ahead, right hand extended across the passenger seat, shooting wildly, hoping my camera is capturing some of the beauty. I knew that by the time I'd get to Ter's it would be over.

Terry's road; a typical country lane, complete with farm yard smells...

Before we could walk though, she had her evening chores to do.

The girls needed to be fed and their pajamas had to be put on.

And then her cats.

With all the critters fed and happy, we headed out:

Know what?
There's nothing quite as nice as an evening walk when it's not raining.

Even if there are hills.

On Wednesday I went straight from work to Maxine's house to decorate cookies:

One hundred cookies later, it was time to go. 
So I gathered up my mail (yes, I'm still receiving mail at my Murrayville house. Colleen lives there now, so she gives it to Maxine, who saves it for me) and took my cookies home:

(It's a holiday mash-up. Christmas meets Valentine's Day in Maxine's kitchen.)

And yesterday? 
I had a few friends over to give the ancient art of Paper Quilling a try. 

It all started when I posted this pic as one of my February profile pics on Facebook:

and people said they wanted to make one.
So Terry bought supplies, and we met at my mom's dining room table to give it a go. 

The outcome was disappointing for most of us. 


NOTHING like the project that inspired us to coil up thin strips of paper.

But we all learnt something.

So there's that. 

Three things I'm particularly thankful for:

1. Friends who do things with paper, glitter, glue, icing and cameras. 
2. Friends who are up for anything; even if they haven't a hot clue what they're doing.
3. Hands that work, eyes that see, freedom to try.

Shalom, friends.

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