Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Family Day Wknd

The rest of Canada will be celebrating Family Day NEXT Monday, but us on the west coast are doing it this weekend.

I've been hanging out at the lake.
Half of my family joined me on Sunday evening.
(Haha. The last time I attempted a family dinner was Christmas Eve... the other half of my family (Clint and Max) joined me for that one. I haven't seen them since. That's just how memorable my cooking/family dinners are.)

Drew and Danica arrived after 7; we had a BBQ'ed dinner like it was the middle of summer.
Then settled in for an evening of snacks, SkipBo, Disney tunes and colouring books like it was 1995.

Twas awesome.

Danica baked cookies:

Which were soft and chocolately and perfect.

And today? Monday? Family day?

We hung out.
Doing inside stuff.

And then we went outside. Where it was glorious.
Bright and sunny and warm and just like the summer.
Except the trees were naked and it was 14 degrees.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This stat holiday. Family Day is a darn good idea. And yes, I know, there are people without families that are hurting and lonely today. They were on my mind as I sat on a mossy rock overlooking the lake like a queen.

2. Trees. Dressed and undressed.

3. Signs of spring.


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