Sunday, February 7, 2016


You know what it's like to have not blogged properly for so long, it's paralysing? Yup.
That's me.

So instead of catching up or tackling anything that's really on my mind, here's this.

I'm at the lake, getting ready to start another page in my colouring book.

I'm in the planning stage.

This is the page.
Colours I will use are in the front.
Colours I will not use, and probably will never use ever in my whole entire life are at the back.

I might time myself. For interest's sake, to see how long a two-page spread takes me to complete.

And this is the electric pencil sharpener I will use a hundred times per hour because those points have gotta be sharp.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. It's the Sunday of a long weekend. ONE MORE WHOLE WEEKEND DAY AHEAD.
2. Its been a stellar family-focused weekend so far .... last minute supper with Val n John on Fri night at their place. She cooked. Rice n gravy. Childhood memories slapped me upside the head all night and it was pure awesomeness.
3. Marj and Dave invited me and my kids to join them and their kids for a home cooked supper at their house on Saturday night. Seriously. Time warp weekend. Doing all those same family things now as we did then. Vera glad God invented families.


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