Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oh those Irish...

Rend Collective.
Oh my goodness. 
What a fun band.

Four of us drove to Seattle today to once again take on that important role of being the oldest people in the house. We do this gladly and with much enthusiasm.

There's nothing, really, like worshipping with a band that oozes energy and authenticity. 
Especially if that band is from Ireland. 

Amazing evening. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Great companions on today's road trip. Friends are the best. 
2. Irish accents.
3. Worship music.
4. A God who loves us. Personally. Intimately. Obsessively. 
5. People who write songs.
6. People who form bands to create music. 
7. Perfect driving conditions.
8. Saturdays
9. If I had to have an accident (which I did), it happened in Canada before I picked anyone up. And didn't involve another vehicle (meaning it was totally my fault) (unless there's a way to blame a pole uniquely situated in the exact location that lined up with my blind spot) and I'm especially thankful that I'm not married. Because. In my experience, husbands tend to react negatively to situations like this. 
10. And if I was injured, I didn't experience any aches during the hours that immediately followed my run in with the metal post. Fingers crossed that the same will hold true for tomorrow. 
11. And I'm super thankful that my mom, upon hearing that I'd smucked up my truck, said, with absolutely no apparent hesitation, "Sure, just take my car."
12. And looking at my bed right now, I'm thankful it's big enough to hold me, my laptop, my charging phone, my charging camera, my camera bag, my purse, and a couple books. I don't take this luxury for granted.


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