Sunday, February 28, 2016

So quick.

He had the flu.
And then it wasn't the flu.

Please pray for Charles.
(He's the dad in this pic.)

He went from not feeling well, to being in the hospital in a coma, fighting for his life.

This is the latest update from Tracy, his wife:

Hi everyone this is Tracy again. Since the last update Charles has had the battle of his life. 
The nurse came out around 6.30pm to tell me that they decided to change his ventilator machine to a more complex one to observe his o2 levels but during the switch over he started to show signs of major stress with his blood pressure rocketing despite attempts to control it with meds and then his heart rate went from 74 to 155 and they tried 2 different meds but eventually had to do cardio version(use the paddle to jump his heart ) to reset his heart and then just as they got his heart rate down to an acceptable level the kidney dialysis machine stopped working. Every dialysis machine they have in ICU was being used so they had none for him and had to have one brought in from another hospital. It has arrived and they are working on setting it up. And at 7 pm they had to flip him prone again. 

It happened so fast. From 'not feeling well' to being the host of an infection that is determined and stubborn. Please pray for Charles. Follow the Facebook update page for more info. 


Please pray for Wendy.
She's a friend from my Bevo days....

She recently found out she has cancer. On her hip, lungs, and liver plus she has an anal tumor. Her latest email to me has left me spellbound. I love her faith:

My prognosis is not good. This is incurable/inoperable. I just want to go home, the sooner the better ...
When I get to heaven I will wonder why we all try to avoid it so long. Our hearts have been crying to go home since we were born into this deteriorating earth suit. Been reading so much about the world and its deception to get our focus off of God...

So much pain in this world.

Dear God.

YOUR WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven.


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