Friday, April 1, 2016

Read-A-Thon 2016 Hour Two is Finished

Reading:  Still reading the same book. 26% done.

Sitting: Same place. At the table.

Eating: Nothing. For an entire hour. 

About this book:  I am currently binge watching The Good Wife (well, not at this minute, but I started watching it last weekend and am hooked) AND THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A FEMALE LAWYER too (just like The Good Wife) so I feel like I have a theme running through my life right now. About female lawyers. Is it a sign? Should I go back to school? 

I'm not the only one reading via Kindle:

Back atcha in an hour,

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Tricia said...

This seriously sounds like the best weekend ever. Megan and I were just talking tonight, about how our idea of a good evening with friends, is sitting and reading or binge watching a tv show. We are a couple of wild and crazy girls.