Friday, April 1, 2016

Read-A-Thong 2016 Hour Three is Finito

Reading: Still the same book. Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson

Sitting: I moved over to the short couch by the fireplace and may have nodded off for a few minutes. I might be a little bit tired. 

Eating:  Ugh. Why did I add this as a category? (Probably because Rachel used to include this when she did read-a-thons). There is a bowl of Halloween chocolate bars here. I may be eating one. Or something.

Something about the book: I'm enjoying it... hope to finish it tonight. We'll see if this chocolate bar gives me the energy to carry on for a few more hours. 

By the way, John (my cousin's husband) came up to the cabin last night to check on the mouse traps. He dealt with another one that was stuck to those glue pads I'd put out on the weekend. 

When we got here this evening? The remaining traps were empty. I think we've caught them all. I'm choosing to believe we've caught them all. 

But there is either a possum or a raccoon on the side deck where I put a pop can smeared with peanut butter. Shudder. I think I will move into a high rise in Vancouver. 

But then again, maybe I won't. JUST LOOK AT THIS FIELD OF TULIPS!
I took this pic tonight. IN GREENDALE.

We live in the most beautiful corner on the planet:

K, bye.

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