Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thankful For:

I am thankful for:

1. Families. And I love hearing stories of how they come together in crisis's.

2. Netflix. I may never go on an evening walk again. Currently binge-watching The Good Wife.

3. Kindles. I think of a book. One click later it's downloaded. Grateful that writers write.

4. Happy people.

5. Productive days at work.

6. Fun upcoming plans.

7. Instagram, and how beautiful our world is.

8. Sisters who cut hair. I've gone through months of 'bangs only' trims and I was getting embarrassed. People my age, with their wrinkled faces and poochy stomachs, do not have long hair.

Me, before work this morning.

Me, after 10 pounds and many inches was cut off, this evening.

(Haha. You can hardly tell. But it IS shorter and all thinned out. And there are layers again.)

This'll be my last season with hair like this. My head is in my sister's hands and apparently it's time for a change. As soon as the wedding is over, she's cutting it short. And dying it grey. And perming it with tiny rods. And I will stop plucking my chin. I'm going to be old enough for senior's discounts, time to embrace this phase of life.

9. Thankful for homemade soup.

10. And reading glasses.

11. And hospitals and emergency responders.

12. And answered prayer.

13.  And grace.

Shalom friends,

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