Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mid Life Crisis?

I have turquoise highlights in my hair.

Wanna see?

I got to the salon at 7 and watched Danica do her thing way over there, at her station.

So proud of her.
She reminds me of my sister back in the days when she worked in a salon.

She wrapped a warm towel around my neck then put a gown over my white sweater. She slipped away to mix some dye then came back and said, "What do you think?"

Haha. I think she is an amazing mind reader because those are exactly my favorite colours. LOVED them,

So she painted it on. And used foil. FIRST TIME ever with the whole foil process.

An hour later, voila. Peek a boo colour, just like I wanted.

That's an underlayer of peacock-coloured hair. My regular hair is on top. So you can't really see it unless I walk around with the top layer bunched up in my hand. Which I don't usually do. I need that hand for other things. Like holding my camera.

Seeing this pic, I can understand why my sister is planning on cutting off my hair after D + D's wedding. Holy smokes this is an inappropriate hair length for a 55 year old.

It  (the streaks of colour) is less obvious after I dropped the top layer of hair back in place.

(But it's kinda fun knowing they're under there...)

I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I have fun hair underneath my boring hair.
2. Sort of like having a red lacy push up bra under my boring black tops.
3. And right now? My head is soft and smells awesome.

Thank you Danica.
I love it x  1,000.

Shameless plug for my Drew's girl:

She works at Vivid Hair Boutique  #190 - 8700 200th St Langley 604.371.3737

And this is her Instagram account.

Samples of her crazy ability to make hair wild and beautiful:

Makes my colour look tame now, doesn't it?



Kim N. said...

This makes me smile! It looks lovely.

September said...

YOUR HAIR LOOKS AMAZING!!! You are not too old to rock that look. Wear it up! She is amazing - lots of hairdressers are using Instagram to show their looks and the rainbow ones are my favorite. She did a great job on yours! Love it!

Tricia said...

You have the BEST hair, and I love your rainbow color.