Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tattoo. (And hat.)

After reading yesterday's blog post, a friend messaged me with the advice that I shouldn't get my tattoo in Vietnam. I should get it done close to home, in Vancouver.


I did it even closer to home than that.
I got it in my bathroom.

Because if I'm anything? I'm totally not cool.

I also suck at taking selfies.
(I forgot my make up at work, so I don't want to take a pic of my face.
Nor do I want the mess of my bedroom to show up.
And I'm doing laundry, so my decent bra is wet.)

But I have a temporary tat (HAHAHA) and a HAT (that I bought at the dollar store yesterday) and WISPS of blue hair (THAT IS MOSTLY HIDING UNDER YELLOW HAIR).

SO much cropping.

(I do not know how to focus a camera while looking in a mirror and trying to hide this and cover that.)

There it is.
It says I love Odyssey.

(Haha, Like as in, Adventures In Odyssey.)

It was a test tattoo our creative department designed for an upcoming conference. We'll be handing them out. The quality is great, so we'll be ordering a few more - this time with the character's faces. My right bicep will soon have white-haired 80-year old Whit on it.

You are so jealous.

Also I really need to go buy some make up.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who say, "Hey let's do something on Saturday night." And when I say 'Sure, what'd you have in mind?" and she replies with, "Can I come to church with you, and then go out afterwards to talk?"

2. I love Saturdays.

3. That hat? Barely fits. I have a fat German head. But it has an elasticized strap - so I can put that under my chins is it gets windy.


PS My mom approves of the red bra. "Your boobs look good up there."

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September said...

OH Jane. I love you!
And I think you'd look great with angel wings tattooed across your entire back!